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Eco friendly removals are not impossible


Your individual impact on the future of the planet may not feel like it is very large, but given that the things that you do every day in your home are repeated by millions across the globe, they are. Not that you are responsible for these habits; large companies and infrastructures in society have made damaging the environment the natural way to live, simply through ignoring the issue for so long. The only way in which things will change is if you are conscious about your own contribution, and that the word of eco-friendliness spreads, ensuring that others follow suit and take the planet’s future into their own hands. Collective effort starts with the individual, so you must ensure that you are constantly thinking about such things as you go about your daily life. Moving house is a bit of an issue in these terms, simply because the main cause of global warming is the combustion of fossil fuels, and that is exactly what is going on in the engine of the van that your whole house will be loaded in to in order to move. There are ways in which you can make your move at least a little more eco friendly than it would normally be however, so take a look through the following hints and tips to ensure that you are doing all that you can to make the future of the planet a more realistic prospect.

For a start, have a think about that van issue. Unless you happen to live upstream from your new place on a river, then it is highly unlikely you are going to get your things to the new place without […]

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Six Tips and tricks for finding the right man and van


Try asking around to your friends and family to see if anyone has a man and van service that they know and trust. You will find that the best way to ensure that you are getting a trustworthy service is to go with people who have a personal connection to those who you trust in the first place. In reality, you need to know that you belongings are safe and secure with an individual who has a good track record, and while it is rare that a scammer would use a man and van as a guise for ripping people off, it is not unlikely that you will need to feel completely secure in your decision on the individual that you use.

A man and van that has been recommended by a friend may well also be one of the legions of van drivers who do not advertise much at all. A great many van drivers want to avoid having their phone number on the internet and therefore avoid advertising, preferring to rely on word of mouth to get their name around. You will find that these drivers who do not need to advertise are often the most experienced and have a great many clients under their belts. This means that you get both a trusted as well as well sorted driver for your move, a win win!

If you can’t find a personal recommendation, then you will no doubt be able to find someone in other ways that trawling the internet. The local shop will probably have an advert, as will the local paper’s ads section. Getting an advert in either of these places shows that the driver is a […]

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Tips on Moving Long Distances


The change of residency is something inevitable for quite a lot of people in today’s world. In many cases doing so involves a whole lot more than just moving down the street. Whether you plan on moving out of the city or the country or halfway across the globe, you will need to take care of your belongings. Such things may carry a decent amount of stress with them, resulting in frustration, exhaustion and other difficulties. Knowing how to properly organize and plan ahead will serve you well when the important day arrives. The following tips aim to help you in a long-distance move scenario:

• Getting insured
Moving insurance for long distance travel is based on the weight of your items, combined together, rather than their individual value. Before you decide on a specific decision concerning such long-distance moves, you should make sure you check what insurances are offered by your chosen moving company and whether they will cover the full value of your possessions.

• Packing and planning ahead of time
The more moving day approaches on the horizon, the more likely it is you will miss something of importance. It is easy to get confused when the movers are walking around your home, collecting boxes and taking care of things. You will need to ensure everything is looked after long before the moving truck has arrived at your home. You must minimize this risk by planning possibly at least several weeks in advance.

• Personal records and valuables
You must ensure the medical and financial records you keep are well-packed and organized so they can be easily retrieved when you travel to your new destination. Medical records must include your immunizations, not […]

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