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5 Reasons to Move to Spain


In recent years, more and more British ex-pats have moved to Spain. Why, I hear you ask? Well with the fall of the tyrannical dictator Francisco Franco and the emergence of inconsequential cross-border travel with the formation of the EU for EU citizens, the British found they could move to Spain with very little political restrictions. As of 2012, over 1 million British ex-pats lived in Spain. Should you join them? Consider these points.
1) Weather
As Spain’s southern border is merely 20 miles away from Africa, and its Northern Border is shared with France, the sunny weather is unstoppable. As the saying goes, ‘the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane.’ A tongue-twister, maybe. But never a truer word has been spoken. No wonder countless resorts that focus on the British ex-pats to move have sprouted up. Magaluf, Benidorm, Ibiza, and others simply exist because of the custom foreigners provide. But if a bit of culture is needed to go with your sublime weather in your new country, then there are plenty of places to live that will provide that.
2) Cost of Living
It is estimated property running costs in Spain are 30-40% cheaper than they are in the UK. House prices in the first place are also a lot cheaper. As for commodities and services, they are also cheaper. Unlike London, where rent costs over a grand a month, a sandwich will cost you up to a fiver, and a pint will cost you £4.50, in Spain, you need not pay heating bills as it is always hot, or for electricity because you are usually out of the house and a pint of what is most likely a much […]

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Why Choose a London Based Removal Company?


There are several leading office and home removal specialists based in London. Most will have an ever-expanding fleet of vans and plenty of experience in the industry; several even claim to be leading the way in both UK and European removals. Every consumer’s goal should be to find a high quality residential and business mover who can handle distances within M25 area and beyond. All staff hired should be fully vetted, coming complete with branded uniforms, ID cards, personal references and if possible experience in completing a similar type of move. You should be able to rest easy knowing that the London based removal company you have hired has the staff available to make your move as stress free as possible.

Moving within the UK
There are no shortage of firms offering removal services within the UK, all of which offering various services and price points. What separates the good from the bad is the personal touch; the remover you choose should understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to moving. They should offer a tailored service to every customer. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving from Portsmouth to Pontypridd or Hemel Hempstead to Hammersmith; a London based removals firm should have a service to suit you no matter the distance involved.

Moving within Europe
Moving to a sunnier climate has become a pretty common event for people in the UK, but even with its commonality it still isn’t the easiest of tasks. European removals can be a tricky business, so it’s important that you find a removal service that understands the processes involved. Many London based removers have had the pleasure of moving homes all around Europe, including destinations […]

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Saving a bit of cash on your removal can be simple


You will find that after all foe business of getting a new place sorted, moving house can be equally expensive. There is a lot to be said for saving where you can, especially after you have had to deal with things like agency fees, solicitor costs and of course putting down any deposits that you may have had to. Unfortunately there are no easy answers to where you can be saving cash, but it is doable. You simply need to think about things carefully every time a cost comes up. Spending your cash wisely will ensure that you are not letting it all fly out the window on rash decision, and this takes a lot of thinking about and ensuring that you are being clever with both the move and the spending. The two go hand in hand; if you plan cleverly, then the methods that you use to get the move done can be tailored towards making them a lot cheaper than you may have expected them to be. You will no doubt want to ensure that you have as much opportunity to get this sort of thing going, so ensure that you start as early as possible with your planning, and then you will be sure to have the maximum effect on how the move goes. There is a huge amount to be said for starting your planning immediately as soon as you have the date for the move set in stone, so that you can start booking in vans and spending a little time looking at how you could be doing things for less money. A little thought goes a long way in the removals game, […]

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Handy hints for first time removals


If you are concerned that you are not experienced enough in the removals game, then you need not worry. Everyone has to do everything for the first time at some point, and there will usually be someone who knows what they are doing to help you. In this case, the following hints and tips for an easy removal is all you should need to set you off on the right track towards a smooth move!

1. Start early.
If you get going with the planning as early as possible, you should find that you have enough time to get your planning and preparation sorted in good time before the packing and other earlier parts of the move need to start. In this case, ou will likely sit down to start planning, and realize that you don’t actually have a huge amount to do in order to get the move going easily. However, leaving things until later will likely have you in a mad dash, wondering where all the time went, and why you are so stressed.

2. Plan well.
Planning should involve a calendar and a list of everything that you have to get done before and even after the move date. The best situation to be in is one where you only have to do a couple of hours work per day in the lead up to the move itself, and then you will find that you are not spread to thinly, though everything gets sorted. Think about how you can delegate things during this time, as well as short cuts that you can take in order to ensure that things are done in your way and to your budgets.

3. Get a […]

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