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7 Steps to Easy and Stress-free Unpacking


Once you’ve packed up your life and moved to your new home there is just the final task of unpacking before you can sit down and enjoy your new environment. Some people find unpacking exciting, finding new places for their items and creating their home within the new space. Others hate it because after what could potentially have been a long process of packing and moving, they then have to spend more time unpacking everything and re-organising everything they have just packed. However, regardless of whether you love it or hate it, one thing everyone can agree on is they wish it was a simpler and quicker task. So, to help make this a reality, here are 10 tips to stress-free unpacking.

Keep your inventory Handy

The first and most important thing when unpacking is to make sure you have a copy of the inventory of boxes that you made whilst packing and loading your items in to your removals van. That way you are able to keep track of everything that is unloaded in to your new property and you will be able to see whether anything is missing before you start unpacking it all.

Start with your essentials box

As long as you were organised when you packed up your items, your essentials box will be the last box you loaded up to be transported. This box will contain all the things you needed on the day and will need as soon as you arrive in your new property. It usually contains supplies for making cups of tea, toiletries, scissors for opening boxes and phone chargers.

Unpack the kitchen first

If you have labelled your boxes effectively it should be relatively simple […]

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Getting the right removals company for your next domestic removal


When it comes to moving house, there are a few things that can affect how well you get on, and may of them will be influenced by the removals company that you choose. Form how stressed you get by having to organize things, to how friendly the people around you are as you get all of your belongings moved form one place to another, there are a great many issues that can come of choosing badly, so it is well worth taking a look at a few ideas as to how to ensure you are getting the best company for you. The company that suits you will not always suit everyone else, and depending on where you live your options may be limited, so do not expect to be told what your perfect removals company will be like, as it is all down to your move and the way in which you like to do things!

First off, think about the size of your move. Removals companies will be able to advise on the options that a move like yours will require, so that you can get your move done in a way that suits the size of your house, and the volume of possessions that you will be transporting. For a one bed flat, it is rare that you will need more than a large man and van service, which many removals companies will provide, if you would prefer keep a professional removals service on hand. When you are organizing the van with your removals team, work out whether you are going to experience any issues with the roads leading up to your new place, as well as parking […]

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Getting your move abroad sorted


The idea of moving house will often scare the hardest of organizational types, as it is quite a feat of planning, labor and expenditure, which will often be fraught with issues and problems that you will have to overcome as you go along with the move. With a mind to international removals however, the issues that you face will be magnified by about ten times, as you will suddenly have to deal with different types of transport that will cover the planet, as well as customs, excise, and language barriers that you will have to get your head around as well as dealing with. Knowing all of the ins and outs of a move to the foreign country will be doable, if you give yourself enough time to plan, but the experience of the world of international removals will not be one that comes easily to a newcomer, so it will be best to have a removals company who are used to international removals, to help you out with your move, so that you can relax that little bit more than you would, rather than panicking about your sofa being lost or your fridge finding it’s way on to the wrong shipping container…

So, how do yu find this fabled perfect removals company for your international removals? Well, unlike an internal removal, you will likely be able to use a company who are based anywhere, as the scale of the operation will make things less local, which is key to a smaller move. When moving to somewhere within your own country, you will need a local firm to do the job, as they will be able to get there earlier […]

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