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Removal Van Hire Guide


When you’re conducting a removal operation yourself by employing a van rental service, there is a lot to bear in mind every step of the way. However, this handy guide to all things removal van hire will assist you in making a few key steps before you actually move. Some careful and considered measures taken early on will save you bags of time further down the line.
For a start, it’s important to remember that each removal van hire firm will have their own sets of internal conditions and rules governing their van rental services, which make different demands on customers. Before you sign up with a particular van hire business, comprehensively familiarise yourself with their rulebooks, guidelines and requirements. Ask yourself whether you feel you are able to adhere to them or not, and pick the set which you are most comfortable with. Firms can impose stiff penalties on people who flout their regulations, so be careful!
Also, before you make your move, get a clear picture (not just an estimate!) of how large and heavy your cargo is. It is crucial you nail this down, because you could end up paying for a rental van that is unnecessarily large, or simply not big enough to accommodate you! The best van rental places will have a wide array of moving vehicles to choose from, to accommodate different needs and requirements. Picking the right size van will reduce the amount of trips you have to make.
When comparing van removal services, make sure you know exactly what’s included in your package and what isn’t. Some firms may require you to purchase separate temporary insurance plans with them – […]

A Handy Guide to London Office Removals


Moving offices anywhere in the country is can be a seriously tricky procedure but moving in London is somehow even trickier thanks to the much higher than average prices and the sheer amount of people and business crammed into one area. An office removal takes a great deal of co-ordination and organisation, especially in London to get it right but it can definitely be done and moving success can be achieved! There are just a few steps that you need to follow to make sure that your London office move goes to plan.
The location that you pick for your London office is absolutely vital to the whole process because it has to encompass several different factors all of which need to be equally taken into account. It’s important that you pick location which is easy for you and your clients to get to either by car or by public transport so nearby connections and parking are both things which need to be looked into. You also need to choose a desirable location which represents your business in a positive light, in this case it’s worth looking into whether your competitors are in the area, how close they are and why it does or doesn’t work for them. Take time over this decision because it is something that you will be stuck with!
Contractors and Blueprints
Once you’ve chosen your location it’s essential to get contractors in straight away to make sure your chosen new office location is suitable to move into and in good condition. It’s also vital to obtain the blueprints so that instead of waiting until you’ve actually moved in, you can start planning your new offices right away […]

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How Reliable Is The Man And Van?


You are moving house and over the years you have built up quite a collection of home valuables, can you now trust a Man and Van to transport all your belongings from your old home to your new home safely?
It always pays to do your homework. Speak to friends or family who have recently moved themselves and ask them for their recommendations. Or you can look up such services in the Yellow Pages or local trades’ papers. There are many websites that offer reviews on removal services including those in your area, spend time looking at them. Try to get as many quotes as possible, as you want the service which is offering you the best value for money.
How to avoid the rogue traders? In theory, anyone can buy a second hand van, advertise themselves through their local paper and offer you a ‘service’. Unfortunately these kind of people do not wear a sign around their necks but there are obvious pitfalls to avoid such as the Man and Van who asks for cash in hand (a way of avoiding tax), the ones who don’t have a business address and use a mobile phone number only – if anything goes wrong there is little chance of tracking them down! Be aware of the Man and Van using unrealistic pictures of themselves in adverts as you could be in for a surprise when a rusty old van turns up. Poorly maintained vans are not only a hazard on the road but may well be breaching insurance conditions. If there is an accident or your goods are damaged in transit you may not get all your money back. […]

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When Moving, Consider Packing Articles Yourself To Keep Costs Down


Moving can be very stressful as most of us know. It can also be very expensive and by the time we come to arranging the packing, some of us choose to cut costs by doing it ourselves.

Before you decide to pack, it is important to have a major clear out of unwanted items as this will result in fewer things to pack (and less money spent on packing!).

Be organised
Decide how many boxes and containers you will need and where you intend to get them from. There are many high street stores that sell boxes and many stores sell it online. Compare prices and get the best deal. You can also try friends or work colleagues who have recently moved or try popping down to your local supermarket to see what they have to offer. It might be worth asking your local supermarket to put some of their boxes aside for you when they receive large orders. Being cheeky might pay off!

Boxes can come in different shapes and sizes. When buying boxes think about the burst strength of a box and the strength of the bottom of the box. Boxes that are made of corrugated cardboard are generally the strongest type.

It is essential that you use lots of bubble wrap for fragile items such as framed pictures, mirrors or ornaments – you don’t want any family heirlooms breaking. Don’t use newspapers where the ink tends to rub off. Newspapers can be used for lining boxes. You will also need lots of strong tape (preferably PVC) and string.

Labelling of boxes
For anything to be successful it has to be well planned. For example begin at the top […]

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