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Honest, Helpful and reliable Removals!


Moving house or business will require some support and help; some people choose to use the help of family and friends whereas others prefer to use expert knowledge and assistance and will opt to hire a removal company instead.
One of the concerns that many people have with regards to hiring professional man and van company is that they do not know much about the person or persons who are going to be handling you goods, and whether they can trust unknown persons to do so.
To put your mind at ease we are going to explore a little more about removal services and what to look for when thinking about booking them to help you move, particular things to bear in mind are how trustworthy, helpful and reliable they are known to be.
Be wary!
Not all London removal companies will offer what they proclaim and the only real way of knowing how good they actually are is by discovering a little more about their reputation.
Always be aware of those who offering something that seems too good to be true, because chances are, it probably is!
You need to try and focus on what pervious clients are saying about them, do people recommend them? Are they getting good feedback online? What kinds of comments do they receive? Do they appear to be helpful? Are the efficient and proficient at what they do? You can find the answers to these by either asking people around you are by looking online at the feedback section of a company’s website or in their social networking pages.
What can they offer me?
What may seem to be extremely helpful to you, may not be what others require because everybody […]

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Ensuring that you find a trustworthy man and van service


It can be a bit of a minefield out there when you are looking in to moving house, and along side the usual questions of ‘how much should I spend’ and ‘how easily can this be done’ now come the questions revolving around ‘am I being scammed?’ Such questions arise nowadays as we live in an age of alternative robbery, where easily accessible information and free advertising mean that anyone can pose as anyone, and you need to be careful that you are not dealing with any unsavory types! Should you be concerned that there is a risk that your belongings will end up in the hands of a thief, then it makes a lot of sense to be careful when booking the service where your items will be most easily taken; the man and van service! Ninety nine percent of man and van drivers are honest folk looking to make a decent living helping people out. However, there are numerous stories of good people being ripped off in various ways, so if you are smart, you will be able to keep an eye out for the tell tale signs without offending anybody!

For a start, you should start by trying to find a service that has been tried and tested by someone you know! A personal recommendation will always give you a good result in terms of how easily you can rely on them, as you trust the people telling you to trust the van man! Tongue twisters aside, there is a lot of sense in ringing around a few people nearby who can give you a good idea as to who to call up. You may find that […]

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Man and Van – how to cater to your removal worker’s needs


Simply having things packed into boxes isn’t all you need to do in preparing for the arrival of your man with a van.

Since a lot of removals uk companies charge by the hour, any budget-conscious house mover needs to understand about what the job of their man and van entails ahead of making an effort to assist their on hand professsional in doing his job quicker. In short, the more difficult or awkward it is for the removal company staff member to perform his work, the longer he will take, which subsequently hits you smack in the pocket. So understand exactly how you can reduce any effort in shifting, even down to the single hour, or near enough to it.

While having everything placed neatly in your front yard ahead of time is a good start, there are still further ways in which you can knock an hour or two off the overall cost. With the exception of front yard placement, the following explores further ways of facilitating your move.

1 – Place items on trolleys

Use all the trolleys you have on hand. Should you run out of trolleys, by all means use things with wheels elsewhere in the home, like that portable washing basket. Things like this work wonders in transporting goods from the front yard to the removals van, which may have to settle for a park down the street incidentally.

2 – Place items on crates

It’s advisable to place those large items on crates since it allows your man with a van, and indeed any assistant, to easily reach beneath the items and remove them. By contrast, having to haul a heavy item up from the ground means one […]

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Man and Van – How to organise your belongings ahead of the removal van’s arrival


A lot of people hire removal vans without preparing ahead of time. In other words, a lot of us think the removals staff will happily do all the work upon arriving.

To save on time, a lot of stress, and indeed money, it’s crucial to have everything set out systematically ahead of time. Sure, a removals van is a Godsend on moving day since it reduces a lot of the angst, but lack of your own preparation still makes for a long afternoon, so prepare properly in advance.

What to do:

1 – Set out heavy furniture first

Since your man and van staff people won’t want to wait around and help you select what to move into the vehicle first, it pays to set out all those major furniture items early on the day. Since it’s best to have the heaviest items of furniture sit furthest back in the truck, set them out on the front of your lawn, or driveway, prior the van’s arrival.

Sure, you will need assistance from willing enough people in your home to move heavy items, but this can be done easily provided your family or fellow tenants understand what moving day entails. Delegate across tasks early in this case and remind everyone of the weekend’s layout during the week leading up to shifting. Task the laziest person in your home with minding the front of the house as you pop in and out with furniture.

2 – Pack systematically

The last thing you want is for an over-full box to spill whilst in transit within the van. So pack systemaically, and indeed categorically. Since cheap cardboard […]