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Finding the right man and van for your removal

When you are about to move house, you will have a few options in terms of how you want to do things. If you are concerned about cash, then there are ways of making a removal work for you, and it is often with the money side of things in mind that people tend to go for the man and van option for their home removals. You will no doubt understand that the man and van option for moving house is a lesser option that the full scale removals company, but if used right, the job can be done well. You will likely understand that a massive removal can not really be done sensibly or effectively with a man and van service, but if you are moving out of a small house or a flat, then there is certainly a lot of scope for the man and van in your move plan, as there are simply so many sizes and shapes available to you. Whilst deciding to go for a man and van in the first place is one thing, finding the right candidate for the job is a completely different one, and you will need to be sure to have a look over the following ideas to make sure that you are not at risk of getting things wrong and making a mess of it in the long run!

For a start, you need to have a think about what you need form the van itself. You should be aware of the kind of space that you need, as well as the protective measures that you want. Many man and van companies or individual services will provide a set size, so this will be […]

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The benefits of using a removal service

When hiring a removal service, the benefits seem to always outweigh any other options for transporting your prized possessions, simply because of the professional support that companies who specialise in the practise of removals provide. And with the support of professional movers with years of experience in the field of removals, life becomes a whole lot easier when dealing with the problem of arranging the transportation of your furniture and belongings to your new home. With experts in moving large items, unless you happen to have prior experience yourself or work in this area, then it is essentially a given!

Firstly, the hiring of a removal company saves you the time involved in scheduling the move, planning the practical aspects of organising transport, availability and vehicles large enough to have the space and room for all of your intended belongings. Any legal issues over document signing or transportation are sorted by the removal service. The process becomes very streamlined as a result of the work that the removal service will do for you. With a lot less organisation on your part, with hiring a removal service requiring less work for you to do personally, you save yourself time and worry.

Driving a large enough vehicle to fit the removals would require having a specific driving license and the right level of experience, so hiring someone else with the right qualifications facilitates this. Hiring a removal services reduces the cost and time management of personally organising the removal of your belongings from your old house to your new one. If you rented a van and packed the items yourself, you would have to rent out various services such as the vehicle to be able to physically […]

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Hire Affordable & Cheap Man And Van London


Rather than going with the option of hiring a removal firm to organise the intended removal for you, you can save a bit of money potentially by hiring a ‘man and his van’ instead. A ‘man and van’ service sees a man with a smaller sized van working like a removal service would but with a small van and no-one else in the team (riding solo so to speak!)! This is cheaper and better suited to a small sized move, rather than hiring a removal van and workmen to help you out, which might not be up to your requirements or suit your needs because you are not moving sizable pieces of furniture et al!

A small move with little belongings to be moved is therefore great for making use of this service; you don’t have much to move and can save costs, but it will require effort on your part to help move boxes from van to flat! Some removal firms offer this service as part of their overall range of services covered, otherwise there are small independent self-run firms with experience in this trade; hence the term ‘man and van’ based on these lone riders! You might find veteran independent companies more trustworthy based on experience, but companies with ‘man and van’ services will have workers specifically trained in removals and moving with the ability to drive a van! So in effect you are getting more than just a van driver, with a worker capable of completing different styles of move, skilled in handling large or small moves due to their role in the company. Worth keeping in mind when doing your search!

With certain companies, there are […]

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Ensuring that your interests, property and money are protected during a London domestic removal


When considering an up coming removal, there are likely quite a number of different things that you will be aware of in terms of what to be ready for when you come to move. However, there will no doubt be a fair few things that you had not given though to, simply because they are not that obvious. The fact of the matter is that you can’t go into a situation not knowing exactly what you are in for, especially a situation where there is likely to be so much riding on the success of the removal. From the amount that you spend on getting the move ready, to the value in emotional terms of the things that are being transported, you should always be wary of situations that can arise where your belongings and cash may be at risk, for whatever reason. The fact of the matter is that any point at which you may be at risk of losing out should be covered, moving house is not something that you want much risk to be involved in.

So, to start, you should think about insurance. London removals companies rarely offer insurance on boxes that they have not packed, as in these situations it is hard to define who is at fault – a badly packed box could cause as much damage when handled carefully as a well packed box being dropped from a height! This means that you can either insure yourself privately, or agree to having the packing service. Whilst it may seem like a bit of an excessive luxury, a packing service may well make your life a lot easier over all, and be well […]

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