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Experienced old timer vs new kid on the block

When you are setting out to find the perfect removals company for your domestic move, it can be difficult to know exactly what you are looking for. There are a great many different types of removal firm, and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, giving you different services in different ways. Obviously, the main service remains the same, you are getting a team of men to organize and perform a removal, but the specialist quality with which this is done can be pretty wide ranging. You may find that one company are particularly well set to do international removals, whilst another are more used to office moves. Whatever the case is, each removal is different, and you need to be completely set on what you are looking for, though you may not understand what it is that you want until you start looking! For this reason, it is good to have some questions prepared, and given that your move is unique to you, it’s impossible to give you everything that is to be asked. However, there are certain things that all customers should ask, to ascertain the way in which the company hire and treat their staff, which can be a big teller of how well they will be treating you, and where your money goes!

Since the property crash in 2008, there has been a huge change in the landscape of the removals industry. The crash meant that many companies went out of business, even the older, family run companies who had been around for generations became no more. When the property market in the UK bounced back somewhat, round 2011, there was a resurgence in the removals industry, with […]

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Tips to Finding Expert Removal Van Hire Services

A removal is an exciting time in which you will have new surroundings that grant new opportunities and experiences. In order to achieve this, you will complete many chores just so that you can safely transfer everything you own. You can spend weeks planning every detail, enfolding your goods and tackling heavy lifting, as furniture and boxes have to be shifted in and out of buildings. If you work hard and dedicate yourself to this, then you can enjoy a smooth and unsuccessful removal.
​However, if you forget about containing a suitable removal van, then everything will go wrong. You will need adequate vehicle that can contain and convey all of your items softly and swiftly and if you don’t have this, you put your belongings and the en tire move at risk. To find out what you need and how to get it, read on for useful tips.
​A professional removal van firm can supply everything you need. A team of experts will come to your address and see to every chore. They will carry items into their vehicles and out of them when they arrive and drive safely and swiftly. Their vehicles will come in a range of types and sizes, so you can get exactly what you desire. Their team will be knowledgeable and experienced so they can do everything properly and securely.
​Before you can hire a removal van, you will need to know what type of motor will necessary. If you are just transferring a few boxes then a van will suffice, but if you are relocating every item in your home, you will need something larger. Assess all the items you are to take with you and estimate what type of […]

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How to avoid waiting times charges

Waiting time charges are a difficult part of the removals process. They may not even be something that you are that well versed in, as they tend not to be that widely talked about for a few reasons. First of all, no one wants to go in to a removal assuming that there will be issues and that waiting time will occur, let alone that they would be charged for it. It is much the same mentality that stops people from signing a pre-nuptial agreement, as love is surely the only thing that matters at the time! On a similar note, the removals company will perhaps keep their waiting times charges as a lesser mentioned aspect of the removals deal, as they can sometimes use such incidents to make a lot of extra cash on the day. Waiting times charges work like over time. Essentially if there is an issue that is beyond the control of the removals company, then they will potentially want to charge you extra for the time that they are not able to work. This makes sense, as you have booked them to do a job, and if they can’t do the job in the time that they allotted due to an outside issue, then they should be given due payment for the time that is being wasted of them. They will still end up going home later through no fault of their own. However, the difficulty comes in that the extra time can be charged at a rate that they set themselves, and if it is not discussed, but finds its way into the contract, which is then signed, then the removals company may well be in a […]

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Moving to Norway: why and how?

Lots of companies offer solutions if you’re looking to move to Norway. It’s not a frozen wasteland like people may think it is. It has beautiful mountains, waterfalls and fjords where you can go on outdoors holidays away from home, if you were to live in Oslo or one of the urbanised areas, it’s never far away from the sweeping hills of the countryside. The weather in the south of Norway, as you may imagine, is more suited for habitation, but all over the country is quite sparse giving you room away from industrial areas which might be rare in England, especially if you have been living in London. There are natural, untouched expanses all over the place. One of the greatest things about Norway is the fresh air and water; the water comes down from mountain springs and is so much cleaner than the water available in England for that reason.

House prices are a lot lower in Norway than they are in the UK, so you would imagine that you could easily sell up in London or even rent out your London house in order to cover all the bills, rent and cost of living in Norway, since most places in the world are less expensive than London! Before you take drastic measures, make sure to arrange storage for the things the house might not be able to fit in. This is only an imperative if you’re downsizing; it is often the case that the price of a one bedroom flat in Leyton might get you a four bedroom wooden house in the countryside in Norway. So you might end up not needing to use self storage at all. Have a look on […]

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