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Removals 101: How to Pack Your Clothes

IMG_0142.JPGMoving home can a stressful experience, but there are ways you can keep those anxiety levels to a minimum.
Packing your clothes can be quite easy if you know how to do it. To make your job at least a bit easier, we have gathered the best tips on packing clothes for your house removal – so that they get to the destination safely, unwrinkled and ready to unpack as well. Read on and find out more about this.
1. Sort things out. Before you even start packing, you need to sort things out. Toss away anything you don’t wear any longer because it will become just “extra packing” along the way. Those jeans you used to wear in college? Those dresses you bought and never actually wore? Someone could make good use of them – donate them or organise a garage sale to get rid of them efficiently.
2. Once you got rid of the clothes you don’t need any longer, start grouping them according to the season in which you wear them. Mark the boxes/bags in which you have placed off-season clothing items and leave them to the last when unpacking because you will not need them right away. This will make unpacking easier than you even thought it could be and it will help you speed up things at your new home.
3. If you have clothing items you really don’t want to wrinkle, do make sure you get at least a few wardrobe boxes. They come in as extremely handy precisely for this kind of “trips” and they will keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free. Plus, if they don’t come with labels on them, you can […]

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The man and van option when moving

A man and van service can be ideal when moving house, as it can resolve several problems by relieving all that hard work like packing, carrying, arranging safe and efficient transport of your belongings and so much more! By hiring a man with a van service you can alleviate the stress of relocating and simply relish the excitement of settling into your new home! Another great plus to the man and a van option is that it is far more affordable than hiring a London removals firm, which can sometimes really break the bank.

So you might be asking yourself what this man with van service Richmond upon Thames actually offers you and why it is a great option when moving house? Well there is not one simple answer, but several reasons why this removal service is growing in popularity in London.

First of all this service will include packing, carrying, loading of your goods onto the van, secure transportation to your new location as well as unloading, unpacking and even placing your belongings in their rightful place! This will take a load off your mind and will mean you can get on with your daily lifestyle or work routine! Meanwhile if any obstacles should occur on the moving day, the professional movers will face them head on to make sure your relocation is as smooth as possible!

Another absolutely fantastic benefit to hiring a man and van service is its flexibility. You’re most likely to be able to book this service at a later date than you would regular removal services. For me the most attractive part of this service is that you pay for the moving van and driver for the time needed, which […]

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Man and van vs removals

There is an ongoing debate as to whether it’s better to use van hire or a removal company for a move. This guide will offer some advice regarding the advantages and disadvantages of both of these services.

1) Pricing and services
The services that a man and a van provide tend to be cheaper than a remover service. Most van hire services will have competitive prices as there’s stiff competition in their industry. Their services, however, are limited as they usually can only offer removal and on occasion, packing.

Most removal companies will have a higher price for their services. However, they do offer a greater variety of services compared to a man and van Soho. Their range of services would include packing, storage and in some cases, relocate services.

2) Flexibility and size of the business
Some van hire companies are available for hire on the day before a move. The biggest problem with these types of services is the size. Van hire companies tend to be smaller in size and frequently, they will either be a one man show or have a small amount of staff. With many removal companies, you will need to book early, at least one week in advance to be guaranteed a service on the day of the move. However, they will have bigger resources so they’ll employ a sizeable amount of staff that can deal with the move, along with the customer care. This is the biggest difference between the two types of businesses.

3) Scale of the move and the size of the van
Another big difference between the two is the scale of the move along with the size of the van. Most man in a van companies are […]

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