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Man with a van`s Top 5 advantages instead of hiring only a van

Advantage 1: It`s easier, faster and less stressful to move via man with a van. Of course, all that`s at a slightly higher cost, compared to hiring only a van, but there is no doubt – it`s definitely worth it. You can enjoy the move while supervising the unloading procedures or the arrangement in the moving van. You will also have more free time to concentrate on the type and variety of boxes, so to eliminate the chance of forgetting something in the rush. According to the size of the boxes and the items, you can hire a van with two or three men as well, which can take even better care about your belongings while you supervising the activities. On the other hand – the more your helpers, the faster the adventure will continue. It depends from the distance to your new home as well, but in most cases, a relocation via man with a van can last even in one single day.

Advantage 2: There is nothing to beat the professional advices and services of the professional movers. The man with a van service offers the perfect help at the perfect cost when it comes to small removals like small furniture or other objects that can`t fit in a normal car and they are a bit heavier to carry only by yourself. The man is well experienced in this kind of activity and you don`t need to worry about heavy lifting or fitting through tiny spaces like doors and windows. The professional movers know exactly what to […]

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Cheap removals – will they cost you more in the long run?

With more and more people living on tighter budgets as the cost of living rises in London, it’s logical that when moving house you may be looking for cheap removals! However while low prices promising a quality removal service may be tempting at first, you may want to think again. There are ways to pay less, such as using a man and van hire or just going for removal van hire, but if you haven’t got the man power to help, you run the risk of a very stressful and pain staking relocation! That’s not to say you should exceed your budget or be fickle when it comes to spending your hard earned cash on a removal, but you need to be thorough and wise when choosing a removal company. After all, moving is the second most stressful event of anyone’s lifetime!

Planning ahead is so essential before a house or office move! There are so many moving companies out there, boasting cheap prices and exceptional quality of service. But be cautious if you come across a moving firm, whose prices seem to good to be true. The likelihood is that they are and you may be stood up on your moving day, or find the service to be less than up to your standards. Many moving companies don’t offer enough individuals to carry out swift and successful furniture removals and this could result in you having to help out or even end up with some of your items being damaged! Meanwhile many cheap firms come with old, unkempt and unsafe moving trucks. Once the van arrives, it will be too late to turn them away as you may still be charged and your deposit […]