In recent years, more and more British ex-pats have moved to Spain. Why, I hear you ask? Well with the fall of the tyrannical dictator Francisco Franco and the emergence of inconsequential cross-border travel with the formation of the EU for EU citizens, the British found they could move to Spain with very little political restrictions. As of 2012, over 1 million British ex-pats lived in Spain. Should you join them? Consider these points.
1) Weather
As Spain’s southern border is merely 20 miles away from Africa, and its Northern Border is shared with France, the sunny weather is unstoppable. As the saying goes, ‘the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane.’ A tongue-twister, maybe. But never a truer word has been spoken. No wonder countless resorts that focus on the British ex-pats to move have sprouted up. Magaluf, Benidorm, Ibiza, and others simply exist because of the custom foreigners provide. But if a bit of culture is needed to go with your sublime weather in your new country, then there are plenty of places to live that will provide that.
2) Cost of Living
It is estimated property running costs in Spain are 30-40% cheaper than they are in the UK. House prices in the first place are also a lot cheaper. As for commodities and services, they are also cheaper. Unlike London, where rent costs over a grand a month, a sandwich will cost you up to a fiver, and a pint will cost you £4.50, in Spain, you need not pay heating bills as it is always hot, or for electricity because you are usually out of the house and a pint of what is most likely a much nicer larger won’t cost you anywhere near a fiver.
3) Healthcare
Despite the emergence of austerity following the Euro-zone crisis, Spain’s healthcare is still some of the best in the world. In a 2010 World Health Organisation report, Spain’s healthcare, based on a multitude of factors, was ranked 7th in the world. Considering the size of their economy ranks them at 13th, they are really punching above their weight here. It’s not often you’ll move to a country just for their healthcare, but it is good to know that if you do move, your healthcare expectations will be met.
4) Architectural Beauty
Spain is awash with spectacular architecture. Barcelona was the city of Antoni Gaudi – one of the world’s most famous architects of all time. He designed everything from house to lampposts, and most of them still stand in Barcelona. The beauty of the skyline of the city is to be believed; the neo-gothic works are sublime and should be experience by all. As for Madrid, the city of the Monarchy, the capital also boasts great architerual works. King Charles III of Spain is largely to thank for this, as it was he who attempted to beautify the city. It is not just these two major cities though, the architectural beauty is nationwide.
5) Football
If football is your thing, then Spain should be your country of home. Out of the FIFA World XI team decided on by a community of international voters, no one – not one single player – in the starting eleven did not play in Spain. Spain have won the all three of their last major tournaments, the European Champions in 2008, then World Cup in 2010, and then the European Championships again in 2012. To put simply; they are the best. Barcelona and Real Madrid are, without question, the two most successful club teams of all time in Europe. If you’re a football fanatic, then Spain is your place.