Once you’ve packed up your life and moved to your new home there is just the final task of unpacking before you can sit down and enjoy your new environment. Some people find unpacking exciting, finding new places for their items and creating their home within the new space. Others hate it because after what could potentially have been a long process of packing and moving, they then have to spend more time unpacking everything and re-organising everything they have just packed. However, regardless of whether you love it or hate it, one thing everyone can agree on is they wish it was a simpler and quicker task. So, to help make this a reality, here are 10 tips to stress-free unpacking.

Keep your inventory Handy

The first and most important thing when unpacking is to make sure you have a copy of the inventory of boxes that you made whilst packing and loading your items in to your removals van. That way you are able to keep track of everything that is unloaded in to your new property and you will be able to see whether anything is missing before you start unpacking it all.

Start with your essentials box

As long as you were organised when you packed up your items, your essentials box will be the last box you loaded up to be transported. This box will contain all the things you needed on the day and will need as soon as you arrive in your new property. It usually contains supplies for making cups of tea, toiletries, scissors for opening boxes and phone chargers.

Unpack the kitchen first

If you have labelled your boxes effectively it should be relatively simple to separate the kitchen boxes from the others. Start by plugging in major appliances such as fridges and freezers so that they can start to work and get to the required temperature ready for you to start using them. After this, focus on the cupboards and drawers, designating specific areas for things before you start loading them full of your utensils.


Once the kitchen is unpacked and you should focus on getting your beds sorted. Get the beds put together and the linen for each bed unpacked so that when it comes to finishing for the night your bed is ready and waiting for you.


Focus on the bathroom next. Unpack the most important items first such as shower items and toilet roll so that you can use the bathroom as soon as you move in. Other important items such as towels and shower curtains often get overlooked but are an essential item to unpack first so that you can have a relaxing shower at the end of your hard day.

Arrange essential furniture

If your furniture has been delivered then focus on getting it in to place so that you can start to use your home properly. Focus on getting your living room furniture in place so that there is somewhere for you to sit.


Allow each family member to unpack their own bedroom. That way it can be unpacked at their own speed and items arranged to their own needs.

Once you’ve done all this you will have the essentials unpacked so that you are able to live easily in your new space. Leave non-essential boxes till last such as garage items and garden furniture. That way they can be unpacked at your own leisure if and when you need them.

A Guest Post from: http://www.moversmanandvan.com/blog/choosing-a-removals-company—your-moving-options.html