Moving offices anywhere in the country is can be a seriously tricky procedure but moving in London is somehow even trickier thanks to the much higher than average prices and the sheer amount of people and business crammed into one area. An office removal takes a great deal of co-ordination and organisation, especially in London to get it right but it can definitely be done and moving success can be achieved! There are just a few steps that you need to follow to make sure that your London office move goes to plan.
The location that you pick for your London office is absolutely vital to the whole process because it has to encompass several different factors all of which need to be equally taken into account. It’s important that you pick location which is easy for you and your clients to get to either by car or by public transport so nearby connections and parking are both things which need to be looked into. You also need to choose a desirable location which represents your business in a positive light, in this case it’s worth looking into whether your competitors are in the area, how close they are and why it does or doesn’t work for them. Take time over this decision because it is something that you will be stuck with!
Contractors and Blueprints
Once you’ve chosen your location it’s essential to get contractors in straight away to make sure your chosen new office location is suitable to move into and in good condition. It’s also vital to obtain the blueprints so that instead of waiting until you’ve actually moved in, you can start planning your new offices right away based on things like where internet and telephone access points are and where kitchens and toilets are. This will save you plenty of time and the earlier you can get planning the better.
Hiring a Man and Van
You will need a company which has plenty of experience in dealing with officeremovals specifically because it is quite a different process to house removals. It’s worth asking around and checking the internet for information about their reputation and their competence. The removals service which you pick should be professional, reliable and have plenty of experience and expertise in this area. This is a vitally important aspect of getting the office removals process going in the right direction.

Packing and Storage
This are two areas which you’ll need to plan very carefully when you’re planning an office removal. You’ll want to de-clutter your office as much as possible so you’re only bothering to pack the vital things and therefore saving considerable time. Once you’ve bought cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and labels, all packing essentials, you’ll be able to get going with the actual packing. It’s a great idea to label each box so that when it comes to unpacking in your new office you can do it quickly and with minimal fuss as everyone will know where everything is. Choosing storage is also hugely important as there are loads of different deals out there so you want to make sure you’re getting the right one for you and your company. If you choose a storage facility in central London then it’s much more likely to be expensive, whereas if you choose one further out then it will be cheaper, however it will depend on your needs as to whether you need to be close by and whether your budget can stretch to a more expensive storage solution.