Do you need a cheap man in a van to get your removal on the road? Have you been put off by quotes with terms and conditions as long as your arm? The Removal Man is simple – just select your size of van, your details and pay as little as £35 per hour.

At The Removal Man, we have three varying sizes of vans that can be used for all sorts of situations that you need complemented by a professional and friendly service you can trust. If you need to move from London to anywhere in the United Kingdom or even Europe, we’re here to help.

On top of this we can also give you a helping hand with everything from cleaning, packing and unpacking into your new house. If your removal needs more hands, we can assist further by bringing on board one of our specialist removal staff for just £10 extra per hour.

Looking for a quote? Merely tap in your requirements and we will ask all the questions that we need to know. Leaving you in confidence that we can help you move house or simply get rid of those items clogging your garage or attic.

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