The advantages of hiring man and van services

If you’re moving up on the property ladder, or even just stepping onto the first rung, you’ll find there’s lots to organise and plan before you’re ready for the big move.

But although it’s exciting, buying a home can be an expensive matter and you may well be keen to keep costs to a minimum wherever possible. There are some costs that you simply can’t reduce, such as solicitor and agency fees, but when it comes to the price of removals, there’s room for negotiation.

You may have been planning on using a removals firm but hiring a man and van instead could be considerably cheaper, and there may actually be some advantages too.

Only pay for what you need

Removals firms are equipped to deal with house moves of all sizes and will have large lorries and vans capable of moving big loads. If you don’t have as much to move, this can mean paying for a much larger capacity than you strictly need.

If you decide to use man with a van services instead, you can search the market to find one with the capacity you need. There are all kinds of man and van services available, and if you only need a relatively small vehicle, you could save a bundle of cash compared to using full removal companies.


To make sure your goods move safely in transit, you’ll need to stash them securely, so plenty of sturdy boxes and packing material will be required.

It can be surprisingly expensive to source enough boxes and wrapping and you could find yourself shelling out a hefty sum of money simply to get your goods ready to be moved.

If you use a man and a van, you may be able to negotiate on the services which are included and for a modest extra fee, all your packing material could be provided. This could save you a considerable amount of money.

Having a man and van means there’s flexibility over what services you need and what you opt to pay for.

Fully insured

If you don’t have a huge amount of furniture or possessions to move, you may be considering hiring a van and doing it all yourself.

If you’re fit and able and have a full driving license, it’s certainly a possibility but don’t underestimate the work involved.

Moving even a small amount of furniture is hard work, especially maneuvering through doorways and up stairwells and having someone do the hard graft leaves you free to get on with the unpacking.

The other benefit is that a man and van hire will be fully insured so if there are any breakages or little accidents – hopefully not! – you will be fully recompensed for your loss or damage.

Available and ready

Buying a house is a long and drawn out process and at times, it can seem to take forever to reach a conclusion. But in many cases, the final exchange and purchase can suddenly materialise leaving you with only a short time to make your final arrangements.

If you use a large removals firm, you may well find that there’s not too much wiggle room and you’re restricted on the dates they have available. This could mean moving house on a day you don’t really want, such as the middle of the week, forcing you to have to rush to get everything done.

A man with a van is likely to have much more flexibility in their calendar, being able to fit you in at relatively short notice.

In some cases a house move doesn’t always get completed the same day, particularly if there is a delay in the exchange of money at the bank. A large removals firm may not have any availability on the following day, leaving you with a half completed move and no way of immediately shifting what’s left.

A man with a van is much more likely to either have the availability or to be able to shift commitments to help complete your move.

Service with a smile

The final thing worth mentioning is that large removals firms don’t rely on their reputation in order to secure work. Quoting a competitive price and having a strong online presence is often enough to attract customers.

In direct contrast, a man with a van is likely to be a small operation, running only locally and instead relying on good feedback and word of mouth in order to get more work. For you this means you’re far more likely to get service with a smile and someone who is genuinely willing to help. http://londonmanandvan.org.uk/man-with-a-van/

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