Are cheap removals worth it?

With more and more people living on tighter budgets as the cost of living rises in London, it’s logical that when moving house you may be looking for cheap removals! However while low prices promising a quality removal service may be tempting at first, you may want to think again. There are ways to pay less, such as using a man and van hire or just going for removal van hire, but if you haven’t got the man power to help, you run the risk of a very stressful and pain staking relocation! That’s not to say you should exceed your budget or be fickle when it comes to spending your hard earned cash on a removal, but you need to be thorough and wise when choosing a removal company. After all, moving is the second most stressful event of anyone’s lifetime!

Planning ahead is so essential before a house or office move! There are so many moving companies out there, boasting cheap prices and exceptional quality of service. But be cautious if you come across a moving firm, whose prices seem to good to be true. The likelihood is that they are and you may be stood up on your moving day, or find the service to be less than up to your standards. Many moving companies don’t offer enough individuals to carry out swift and successful furniture removals and this could result in you having to help out or even end up with some of your items being damaged! Meanwhile many cheap firms come with old, unkempt and unsafe moving trucks. Once the van arrives, it will be too late to turn them away as you may still be charged and your deposit will be kept!

Another trick that many cheap London removals companies adopt is not showing up on the day of the move. They offer such low prices and then go to the highest bidder to carry out a removal. There are also rogue removal firms out there, who will happily take your deposit by phone and then disappear. You can avoid this by always asking for a written receipt for any services rendered or any cash that’s swapped hands. Don’t ever rely on an oral agreement as you’ll have no proof or standing once you’ve hung up the phone.

Also look out for professionalism! It isn’t difficult to spot an amateur removal company. If the firm doesn’t have a landline and only a mobile phone contact number, be wary. This could very well mean the movers don’t have an office and the company is run by one or two people with a rickety old moving van. When you ring up a company ask them to come to your home to carry out an inspection and provide you with an estimate. Over the phone quotes may seem ideal and time savers, but you really are putting your successful move at risk.

Websites can be misleading with their promises of professionalism, flash software and eye-catching deals to be made! Don’t be misled by this, as anyone can put together an impressive looking website promoting false advertising. If you do come across a company’s site that seems impressive, why not check out some testimonials from previous movers who’ve used them and get some customer feedback on the true quality of their house removals serviceCheap removals – will they cost you more in the long run. Have a look on testimonial blogs, not on the company’s actual website!

Bear in mind that cheaper firms may not offer insurance or supply specialised removals for larger, bulkier items. So, no matter your budget, don’t try skimping on a professional service and steer clear of companies whose promises seem far-reaching.

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