Man and van vs removals

There is an ongoing debate as to whether it’s better to use van hire or a removal company for a move. This guide will offer some advice regarding the advantages and disadvantages of both of these services. 1) Pricing and services The services that a man and a van provide tend to be cheaper than a remover service. Most van hire services will have competitive prices as there’s stiff competition in their industry. Their services, however, are limited as they usually can only offer removal and on occasion, packing. Most removal companies will have a higher price for their services. However, they do offer a greater variety of services compared to a man and van Soho. Their range of services would include packing, storage and in some cases, relocate services. 2) Flexibility and size of the business Some van hire companies are available for hire on the day before a move. The biggest problem with these types of services is the size. Van hire companies tend to be smaller in size and frequently, they will either be a one man show or have a small amount of staff. With many removal companies, you will need to book early, at least one week in advance to be guaranteed a service on the day of the move. However, they will have bigger resources so they’ll employ a sizeable amount of staff that can deal with the move, along with the customer care. This is the biggest difference between the two types of businesses. 3) Scale of the move and the size of the van Another big difference between the two is the scale of the move along with the size of the van. Most man in a van companies are […]
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Advantages Of Hiring A Man With A Van Company, London

We could all do with a helping hand at times. Moving house can be very stressful and also very expensive. There are some things that you may be able to manage without help. When it comes to the physical side of moving house, professional help is often required to prevent your valuable items from getting broken and avoid serious injuries being caused to members of your family when moving heavier items. To help reduce the hassle of packing and moving to your new home, try and consider these advantages of hiring a moving van to move into your new home. Trained to lift heavy objects For health and safety reasons it is extremely important to be trained in the correct way to lift heavy items to prevent self-injury. Hiring a professional removal services will ensure that your items are carefully transported to your new home, while you and your family relax. Time is one less thing to worry about Do you really want to be driving back and forth to place your belongs in your new home? Using a professional removal service to move to your new home can save you loads of time. You can easily stick to a specific time schedule, and in some instances you may even move into your new home quicker than you would have expected. The quicker you move to your new home the more time you will have to unpack and set up. Professional personalised service In times like this you need a helping hand. Of course every removal is different and therefore you will need expert advice to make the right decisions. You will be able to get advice and guidance on the most efficient way to move to your new home […]
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How to Organize Your House Removal

Moving home is a stressful job. And it is not the fact of moving your home alone that causes it, it is the sheer amount of work and effort it requires to plan, organize and pack everything from one place and have it moved to another. Keeping a cool head and a good vision of what needs to happen can prevent a lot of that stress and help speed the moving process. It is important to follow certain steps to ensure a smooth endeavor. Every moving process should start with research for a moving company. Depending on your budget and the time you have to make the move, there are few options available here: • do it yourself – choosing this option can save you money, but also leaves all of the work to you and any good friend willing to offer helping hand. This means that someone should have the license to drive a truck, be prepared to pack and load everything onto the vehicle, and then unload it to the new location. You will need a very good estimate of the amount you will move, as renting a smaller truck can mean second trip and that costs money. This is the option that gives you most control over your time and is the most economical one. • ‘You pack and load; we drive’ – this option exists for people who do not like the hustle of driving a truck and wish to save money on a full move service. A truck or van will be delivered to your home, where you will load your packed stuff. A company driver will then take it to the new location, where you unload them. • Full service mover […]
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Considering the cost aspect of an office removal

When you are in charge of an office removal, you will find that you come up against many important factors that can define how you go about the removal itself. You will need to ensure that you are not at risk of losing the company any money in a frivolous way, especially if the company is not a big one. Many startup companies experience great surges in profits at an early stage, which require a upscaling to ensure that the surge is properly realized. You will find however that wasting money on such a thing as moving office can have dramatic effects if you are not careful. Have a look over the following pointed for some information on this. Moving office needs to be done properly, so the idea of saving money is not one that suggests that you do it for a cheaply as possible. In fact, the likelihood is that saving cash on the job will usually result in you loosing money a things start to go a bit wrong. One of the main instances in which you will need to spend a fair chunk of money is in finding the right removals company in Westminster for a move of your size. It is essential that you are able to get the move underway in a safe, efficient and reliable manner, and a removal company will have the necessary experience to make this happen. A specialist removals company that has done office moves beforehand is imperative as well, and you will find that there is absolutely no use in getting a domestic removals company involved, because they will not have the right amount of experience with the volume of computer machinery […]

How to Protect Pictures during a Removal

Removal from one house to another can be tough. With so much needing transport and so many things demanding your attention, being able to properly care for all of the individual items is something which you will need to focus on. If you have a number of pictures and pieces of art in your home, then making sure that they reach the new home in one piece is absolutely vital. As some of the most noticeable and personable items in the home, making sure that your pictures arrive in a good condition is a big part of making sure that the removal process goes well. • The first thing to think about is how you are going to transport the pictures. There are two options. Firstly, you can simply leave them in their frames and pack them as such. This is the most popular method and means that it can be easier and simpler to unpack and get your house in order at the other end. The other option is to remove the pictures from the frame and to transport the two individually. Unless your pictures are particularly valuable, many people simply transport them in the frames rather than having to worry about protecting both the frame and the picture itself. • For those who elect to leave their pictures in the frame, this can prevent them from becoming scratched and damaged during the removal . While it does mean that the glass can suffer accordingly, this is often far easier to replace than the pictures. In order to prevent this, however, many people elect to wrap the frame with the picture inside in bubble wrap or protective wrapping. This provides great protect for […]

House removals: Things to Consider With Self-Storage Options

Self-storage offers an alternative way to traditional methods for storing your items when moving house. In the past, traditional storage relied on renting space from removal companies, man and van companies or large storage organisations that came with certain restrictions and rules. This would often leave the customer with limited access to items, lack of flexibility, long-term contracts and high charges. Self-storage generally overcomes these issues by offering a self-controlled storage solution Richmond that lets customers have their own self-contained, fully enclosed storage unit that gives them full access, lower costs and increased flexibility, as well as control of size of the rented unit. This means that whether you want to store the contents of your entire house or just some items from your garage, you can get the space you need. Here are some key advantages of self-storage. Flexibility Self-storage lets you store pretty much anything you like, which is extremely useful when moving house. It also allows you to rent space in the size that you need and want, accommodating the amount of contents that you have depending on your needs. Often with traditional methods of storage, contracts tend to be on long-term, whereas self-storage offers more flexibility with short-term contracts. Often storage space is only required for a minimum of a few days when moving house so this provides a more flexible solution. Also, you can quickly increase or decrease your storage space if you require. Cost The costs of self-storage tend to be cheaper than traditional storage space renting from larger organisations. Access to your items is free of charge and you can gain entry to your belongings when you want, restricted only by opening times of the facility. An enormous advantage is that most […]
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How to pick the self storage space that suits you.

If you are looking to manufacture some valuable living space at your home or some working space around the office, you will probably have thought about self storage London. If chosen wisely, this option not only provides you some offsite space to store your goods at, it also gives you the peace of mind regarding the safety and well being of those items. Remember, self storage is a professional service, and just like with any other service, you need to survey and weigh your options before making a choice in order to get the best there is on offer. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind before making your choice. Firstly, choose the service provider wisely. In order to make sure that you get the best value for your money, choose only reputable removals and storage companies Queens Park around. Cheap options may seem tempting at first, however, may cost more in terms of health of your belongings. Survey on the internet, shortlist a few service providers, look at the options they provide, customer reviews and support options, and only then, make your choice. The second thing you need to keep in mind is how long you are looking to store your possessions for. Not every storage company provides options for long periods of time. At the same time, other removals and storage companies only deal in long term storage options. So, if you are looking for long term storage, you need to find the right removal company for you that gives you a number of good long-term options at a fair price. There are many companies that offer short term storage options, so it won’t be a hassle. […]
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The Dummies Guide to Preparing Items for Self-Storage

You’ve worked tirelessly to furnish your home, paying your hard earned money for its contents, so the last thing you want to see is those items damaged when getting a man with a van to help put into self-storage. The way to avoid this is to prepare your items appropriately for when they are not only placed into storage, but also in transit. This guide looks at what materials you will need and what steps you will need to take in order to make sure your possessions are suitably protected. Boxes I must start by saying that you should never use plastic bags to transport in a van removal your items into self-storage. This is because they trap moisture more than any other material and can actually cause noticeable damage to your items over time. When it comes to moving your possessions, keep it simple and stick to cardboard boxes. They may be “old school” in approach, but boxes still provide the best transportation option for those looking to move items into self-storage. If possible use boxes of a similar size to make stacking them easier, thus avoiding putting your items in precarious positions in the process. Cleaning Before packing anything, all the items you plan on storing should be rigorously cleaned. You would be surprised at the amount of hidden dirt household items can accumulate, and the last thing you will want to do is transport such into a storage unit. Put duvets, drapes and clothing through a high temperature anti-bacterial wash to kill off any germs and dirt, before packing items tightly into a box. Glass, wood and metal furniture should be well polished, as such are magnets for dust and dirt. Leather is probably […]
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Hiring Professional Student Removals Services

House moving at any stage in life is challenging and needs a lot of careful planning and budgeting, but as a student moving for university it can be especially tough. As a student moving out on your own you have to be extra careful about your budget. You also want to plan smart and pack right because you cannot start a new chapter in your life by lugging everything you own from your parents home to your dorm room. When there are other things to consider such as finding a roommate or making money for rent or tuition or which subjects you are going to choose in the coming semester, you can do without worrying about your removals. The secret to enjoying smooth, unproblematic student removals is in hiring removal companies that specialise in helping students move. You will find many house movers Fulham that offer small house removals services but you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking “small= cheap”. For moving to a college apartment or a university dorm room you need a different kind of relocation service. In this article we have some great tips on hiring professional student removals services. Your budget is obviously the primary concern. Ask the moving company London for a price quote and request details about how the quote is calculated. Most moving companies take the amount of luggage, the distance to be crossed and the number of London movers needed when they are calculating their removal prices. By asking for details about the same you will see exactly how much you are being charged for each aspect of the removal and you might even be able to do some of it yourself and save some money. Secondly, you […]
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Pros & Cons of Office Storage

Office removal can be a lifesaver for some small businesses giving them the opportunity to spread out and make a real difference to their floor space. However, if it is used in the wrong circumstances it can end up being more disadvantageous than they originally imagined. So if you want to make sure that your making the most of your office removal why not check out both the pros and cons it can offer below. Pros Aesthetics If you’re office is open to clients or customers then it is important that you make a good first impression. So if you have a cluttered office space, now might be the give it a makeover. If you look around and see that there is nothing that you can actually get rid of then office storage can really help you out. Office storage units Marylebone are ideal for storing archived files, old equipment or promotional leaflets and can give you the chance to transform your office into a minimalist and organised space. Even if your office isn’t open to clients it is important to make sure that it is as tidy and organised as it possibly can be. An untidy office can often rub off on employees making them less motivated and inefficient in the workplace. So if you want to keep your employee morale up, make sure you removal those dusty, old files and cabinets into a self storage space. Space As well as improving the aesthetics of your office, self storage units can also help you to make your office look and feel more spacious. So if your business is starting to take off and you want to take more people on, moving some of your unused items into storage […]
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