Man with a van`s Top 5 advantages instead of hiring only a van

Advantage 1: It`s easier, faster and less stressful to move via man with a van. Of course, all that`s at a slightly higher cost, compared to hiring only a van, but there is no doubt – it`s definitely worth it. You can enjoy the move while supervising the unloading procedures or the arrangement in the moving van. You will also have more free time to concentrate on the type and variety of boxes, so to eliminate the chance of forgetting something in the rush. According to the size of the boxes and the items, you can hire a van with two or three men as well, which can take even better care about your belongings while you supervising the activities. On the other hand – the more your helpers, the faster the adventure will continue. It depends from the distance to your new home as well, but in most cases, a relocation via man with a van can last even in one single day.

Advantage 2: There is nothing to beat the professional advices and services of the professional movers. The man with a van service offers the perfect help at the perfect cost when it comes to small removals like small furniture or other objects that can`t fit in a normal car and they are a bit heavier to carry only by yourself. The man is well experienced in this kind of activity and you don`t need to worry about heavy lifting or fitting through tiny spaces like doors and windows. The professional movers know exactly what to […]

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Cheap removals – will they cost you more in the long run?

With more and more people living on tighter budgets as the cost of living rises in London, it’s logical that when moving house you may be looking for cheap removals! However while low prices promising a quality removal service may be tempting at first, you may want to think again. There are ways to pay less, such as using a man and van hire or just going for removal van hire, but if you haven’t got the man power to help, you run the risk of a very stressful and pain staking relocation! That’s not to say you should exceed your budget or be fickle when it comes to spending your hard earned cash on a removal, but you need to be thorough and wise when choosing a removal company. After all, moving is the second most stressful event of anyone’s lifetime!

Planning ahead is so essential before a house or office move! There are so many moving companies out there, boasting cheap prices and exceptional quality of service. But be cautious if you come across a moving firm, whose prices seem to good to be true. The likelihood is that they are and you may be stood up on your moving day, or find the service to be less than up to your standards. Many moving companies don’t offer enough individuals to carry out swift and successful furniture removals and this could result in you having to help out or even end up with some of your items being damaged! Meanwhile many cheap firms come with old, unkempt and unsafe moving trucks. Once the van arrives, it will be too late to turn them away as you may still be charged and your deposit […]

The advantages of hiring man and van services

If you’re moving up on the property ladder, or even just stepping onto the first rung, you’ll find there’s lots to organise and plan before you’re ready for the big move.

But although it’s exciting, buying a home can be an expensive matter and you may well be keen to keep costs to a minimum wherever possible. There are some costs that you simply can’t reduce, such as solicitor and agency fees, but when it comes to the price of removals, there’s room for negotiation.

You may have been planning on using a removals firm but hiring a man and van instead could be considerably cheaper, and there may actually be some advantages too.

Only pay for what you need

Removals firms are equipped to deal with house moves of all sizes and will have large lorries and vans capable of moving big loads. If you don’t have as much to move, this can mean paying for a much larger capacity than you strictly need.

If you decide to use man with a van services instead, you can search the market to find one with the capacity you need. There are all kinds of man and van services available, and if you only need a relatively small vehicle, you could save a bundle of cash compared to using full removal companies.


To make sure your goods move safely in transit, you’ll need to stash them securely, so plenty of sturdy boxes and packing material will be required.

It can be surprisingly expensive to source enough boxes and wrapping and you could find yourself shelling out a hefty sum of money simply to get your goods ready to be moved.

If you use a man and a van, you may be able to […]

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  • Top 3 different types of removal services Top 3 different types of removal services

    Top 3 different types of removal services

Top 3 different types of removal services

There are three main types of removal services – the first one is the easiest one – hiring a big removal company with numerous crews for everything like packing, loading, unloading or cleaning crews. The second opt is usually a bit cheaper and it includes only a man and van hire or maybe several men with a bigger van for big domestic removals. The third main opt is to hire only a van and to do everything by yourself or to call friends, strong family members and other helpers for the heavy lifting. Yet that`s only an overview of what`s to come when you have to decide how to organize your relocation. Let`s begin with the first opt – calling a big removals company with professional crews for everything.
Undoubtedly, this is the less stressful choice for yourself and your family, because the moving agents take good care for the entire move. From the planning of the inventory documents and the inventory itself, through the loading and the transportation of your belongings, to the unpacking and cleaning of the new house. This is just a glimpse of their professional services, because everything depends on the specific situation like the size of the apartment, the volume of your belongings, etc. The big removal agencies also have a myriad of complimentary services like storing facilities for your belongings and recycling services with eco-friendly boxes and materials. Just you have to find the company that suites best your needs and to request quotes for the move. For example, search in internet for the biggest moving company in your region and make a call to discuss the details about the move. Because the big companies do almost everything by […]

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Top hints for hiring the perfect removal van

A small move to a different point in the big bustling city or a move with a long duration somewhere around a nearby city or just moving along with the family members during the hot summer – there are plenty of reasons why to rent a van. However, to find the perfect removal van to suite your needs is usually little bit more complex and it requires some important hints and tricks to keep in mind. The agent from the removal company can tell you all the details and information about their vans, but on the other hand, it’s always useful to know exactly what you’re looking for. For example, begin with the choice of passengers. When planning a long drive for a big national holiday, you probably need a van with 4+ seats for the kids or an extra seat for the dog maybe. Ask the removal company whether their vans are pet-friendly.

If you plan a trip to the sea or the ocean in the summer – a small, one-way drive rental van may be the better choice, especially if you dream for a romantic escape with an unknown end only with yourself and your loved one. Other companies offer man with a van, which is the perfect choice for small house removals. When choosing the van according to the number of passengers – keep in mind the length of your trip, because you may need to hire a driver for truly long trips as well.

The perfect removal van is the one that makes you feel comfortable and it’s visually pleasing like your own car. You definitely need to select it by the location and size of the main door for loading and […]

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Hire removal van for small office removals

Moving the whole business or maybe only a small part of it to another place in another city or even abroad – you definitely want a correct and professional attitude at the moving day. And not only. The professional office removal companies offer a myriad of complementary services to suit your needs, while the most important of them is the quickness and agility of their services. Yet the office move should last for as much shorter time as possible and with all the processes from planning the move to the unboxing the items and the arrangement of the new place. The time is essential when it comes to office removals and so a greater idea is not to do everything by yourself, but to supervise a professional removals company. Even when it comes to small office moves – a greater idea is to rent at least a man with a van company and not to do everything by yourself. The professional advices and experience of the movers can help you in critical situation like the disconnection of the electronic devices and their proper connection in the new office. The same applies for the safer transportation at long distances or with rugged routes, for example. This list includes a few more ideas to keep in mind when hiring a removal van for your next office move.

Start planning the move at least a week before the move itself. The smaller the office – the easier and the shorter amount of time is needed. The most important thing at this step is to find a perfect office removal company with the right moving van. Find the companies in your region or in the region of the […]

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Hiring a removal company

Carrying out a little research could be worth your time and money when it comes to finding a good, reputable removals company. The entire process may seem a little daunting to you, however these few steps could make a significant difference.
• Get recommendations
The first reasonable step is to get recommendations from people you trust such as friends, family and colleagues. If you are unable to get a recommendation of anyone, then choose a company that has displayed a manner of professionalism and friendliness throughout your contact with them. Don’t depend on popular companies assuming they will provide the best possible deals, search for companies that have offices located nearby, this is so that you can get an in-person estimate of the total cost. Try to find the mover yourself rather than picking a company online; this helps to avoid to any possible scams.
• Find a quote!
Note down at least three to four quotes from established removal companies Wandsworth to call them for an in-home estimate, preferably ones that are local to you. It is also useful to carry out background checks on your chosen companies. Reading reviews is a helpful asset, and again it will help to avoid being a victim of scamming websites.
• Estimator.
When an estimator arrives, show him all the rooms, including cellars and attic, this will help them to calculate a proper estimate based on how much stuff you have. Inform your estimator about any obstacles in your new home that might make the situation complicated when trying to move in large items such as sofas or beds. Clear any doubts by asking if they will dismantle the furniture if there is a need. They should be aware of all […]

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Is it wise decision to choose a house removal company?

IMG_0151-1.JPGWhen you are planning to move then there are lots of expenses you have to deal with. You have to make use of few services like calling the electrician or hiring some estate agent. You might also have to buy some new stuff for your new home. Among all these expenses another expense is to hire a removal company for your help. This is perhaps another big expense and you have to think a lot before taking this step. First of all you need to make sure that the cost of hiring these companies is under your moving budget. Logically, you have to first make sure that whether you can afford to hire a removal company or not. This is perhaps one of the most significant questions during your moving process so always respond to it wisely. Never take a hasty decision as it is good to have experts around you. Furthermore, it is also good to have a stress free moving experience so that you can enjoy being into new home. Before taking the quotes from different removal companies it is required that you must make up your mind for some estimated budget.

The cost of any moving company will vary from one to another. A number of factors are there to influence the cost. These factors do include the distance from the company to the destination, the items to be moved and the required services like packing, removal, storage etc. There are many people who prefer doing the removal and moving jobs by themselves but there are many people who do not have enough time and efforts to perform this job. It is not a […]

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Removals 101: How to Pack Your Clothes

IMG_0142.JPGMoving home can a stressful experience, but there are ways you can keep those anxiety levels to a minimum.
Packing your clothes can be quite easy if you know how to do it. To make your job at least a bit easier, we have gathered the best tips on packing clothes for your house removal – so that they get to the destination safely, unwrinkled and ready to unpack as well. Read on and find out more about this.
1. Sort things out. Before you even start packing, you need to sort things out. Toss away anything you don’t wear any longer because it will become just “extra packing” along the way. Those jeans you used to wear in college? Those dresses you bought and never actually wore? Someone could make good use of them – donate them or organise a garage sale to get rid of them efficiently.
2. Once you got rid of the clothes you don’t need any longer, start grouping them according to the season in which you wear them. Mark the boxes/bags in which you have placed off-season clothing items and leave them to the last when unpacking because you will not need them right away. This will make unpacking easier than you even thought it could be and it will help you speed up things at your new home.
3. If you have clothing items you really don’t want to wrinkle, do make sure you get at least a few wardrobe boxes. They come in as extremely handy precisely for this kind of “trips” and they will keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free. Plus, if they don’t come with labels on them, you can […]

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The man and van option when moving

A man and van service can be ideal when moving house, as it can resolve several problems by relieving all that hard work like packing, carrying, arranging safe and efficient transport of your belongings and so much more! By hiring a man with a van service you can alleviate the stress of relocating and simply relish the excitement of settling into your new home! Another great plus to the man and a van option is that it is far more affordable than hiring a London removals firm, which can sometimes really break the bank.

So you might be asking yourself what this man with van service Richmond upon Thames actually offers you and why it is a great option when moving house? Well there is not one simple answer, but several reasons why this removal service is growing in popularity in London.

First of all this service will include packing, carrying, loading of your goods onto the van, secure transportation to your new location as well as unloading, unpacking and even placing your belongings in their rightful place! This will take a load off your mind and will mean you can get on with your daily lifestyle or work routine! Meanwhile if any obstacles should occur on the moving day, the professional movers will face them head on to make sure your relocation is as smooth as possible!

Another absolutely fantastic benefit to hiring a man and van service is its flexibility. You’re most likely to be able to book this service at a later date than you would regular removal services. For me the most attractive part of this service is that you pay for the moving van and driver for the time needed, which […]

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