Your individual impact on the future of the planet may not feel like it is very large, but given that the things that you do every day in your home are repeated by millions across the globe, they are. Not that you are responsible for these habits; large companies and infrastructures in society have made damaging the environment the natural way to live, simply through ignoring the issue for so long. The only way in which things will change is if you are conscious about your own contribution, and that the word of eco-friendliness spreads, ensuring that others follow suit and take the planet’s future into their own hands. Collective effort starts with the individual, so you must ensure that you are constantly thinking about such things as you go about your daily life. Moving house is a bit of an issue in these terms, simply because the main cause of global warming is the combustion of fossil fuels, and that is exactly what is going on in the engine of the van that your whole house will be loaded in to in order to move. There are ways in which you can make your move at least a little more eco friendly than it would normally be however, so take a look through the following hints and tips to ensure that you are doing all that you can to make the future of the planet a more realistic prospect.

For a start, have a think about that van issue. Unless you happen to live upstream from your new place on a river, then it is highly unlikely you are going to get your things to the new place without having some sort of motor running or fuel burning. There are companies however, who offset their carbon emissions, to ensure that their emissions are countered by the purifying of the same volume of carbon dioxide in the air. This means that your vehicle use could be carbon neutral. This process is expensive, but if you are serious about saving the planet then it will be worth it! Look at removals companies that claim to green, and ask them how they make their processes carbon neutral and eco-friendly. Some companies will do a full offset to warrant claiming their ‘greenness’ whilst others will simply use recycled boxes and use the term eco-friendly as a marketing tool. You obviously only want to use a company who actually contributes to preventing global warming, so do your research.

Using recycled materials is the least you can do; in most cases you should be doing the recycling yourself, finding people who have just moved and taking their boxes from them. You can often save a lot of money from doing this, as people will not likely charge very much for used boxes. Ensure that the boxes and packing materials are safe for use, and that you are not going to destroy your possessions by using them; you don;t want a box’s bottom to fall out whilst it is being carried! Using a bit of tape here and there will get a box in to ship shape, and save you a fair bit of cash. Avoid using bubble wrap and other plastics however, as they are bad for the environment in both their production and their waste. Recycle any plastics that you do have to use, as otherwise they will end up on landfill sites, or dumped in the sea. Your contribution is essential, so do it right, and make your home move as green as you can.