It can be a bit of a minefield out there when you are looking in to moving house, and along side the usual questions of ‘how much should I spend’ and ‘how easily can this be done’ now come the questions revolving around ‘am I being scammed?’ Such questions arise nowadays as we live in an age of alternative robbery, where easily accessible information and free advertising mean that anyone can pose as anyone, and you need to be careful that you are not dealing with any unsavory types! Should you be concerned that there is a risk that your belongings will end up in the hands of a thief, then it makes a lot of sense to be careful when booking the service where your items will be most easily taken; the man and van service! Ninety nine percent of man and van drivers are honest folk looking to make a decent living helping people out. However, there are numerous stories of good people being ripped off in various ways, so if you are smart, you will be able to keep an eye out for the tell tale signs without offending anybody!

For a start, you should start by trying to find a service that has been tried and tested by someone you know! A personal recommendation will always give you a good result in terms of how easily you can rely on them, as you trust the people telling you to trust the van man! Tongue twisters aside, there is a lot of sense in ringing around a few people nearby who can give you a good idea as to who to call up. You may find that they have no one, or you may find that they have people to warn you away from, you’ll never know until you try it! A less solid but potentially effective screening process in a similar vein is to look online for reviews of the service. This only tends to work if the man and van service is a company, rather than an independent driver, and sometimes the company won’t have been reviewed yet, so it may not yield results!

You will hopefully get a pretty good idea as to how the driver treats their customers by their phone manner. If they sound like they don’t really want to talk to you, then they are probably worth avoiding. That said, a driver who wants to nick your stuff may well sound like they want to deal with you! Trust your gut, as it can often be a truthful guide, and never go with a service because they are annoyed that you are not sure. You are in control, and should always ensure that you are not being forced in to any situations that you would prefer not go through with.

The best way to ensure that you don’t get scammed is to use a larger man and van company, as they are traceable, however these services can be quite costly, and are often too busy to fit last minute jobs in. If you do have to go with an independent service that has not been recommended by someone that you trust, then you should always take along someone else, to ensure that there is less chance of the driver trying anything on. Let the driver know that you will be bringing someone along, and if they are unhappy about it, then it;s a good sign that you should not be working together! As mentioned previously, most van drivers are wonderful people, but it is worth keeping the above in mind!