When considering an up coming removal, there are likely quite a number of different things that you will be aware of in terms of what to be ready for when you come to move. However, there will no doubt be a fair few things that you had not given though to, simply because they are not that obvious. The fact of the matter is that you can’t go into a situation not knowing exactly what you are in for, especially a situation where there is likely to be so much riding on the success of the removal. From the amount that you spend on getting the move ready, to the value in emotional terms of the things that are being transported, you should always be wary of situations that can arise where your belongings and cash may be at risk, for whatever reason. The fact of the matter is that any point at which you may be at risk of losing out should be covered, moving house is not something that you want much risk to be involved in.

So, to start, you should think about insurance. London removals companies rarely offer insurance on boxes that they have not packed, as in these situations it is hard to define who is at fault – a badly packed box could cause as much damage when handled carefully as a well packed box being dropped from a height! This means that you can either insure yourself privately, or agree to having the packing service. Whilst it may seem like a bit of an excessive luxury, a packing service may well make your life a lot easier over all, and be well worth the money in the first place. Beyond content insurance, you need to think about covering yourself against other things that are not your fault, as there are plenty of situations that can arise very easily that will leave you shelling out, despite them having nothing to do with your own dedication to making the move run smoothly.

For instance, should your solicitor, estate agent or anyone at your bank make a mistake somewhere down the line of command that frees the money from your account and releases the keys to your new place, then the opening of the property will be delayed. This means that you may end up sitting outside the new property for a few hours with the removals team, who will be charging extra for this. Given that it is often extremely difficult to get an idea as to who it was that was to blame, you will likely end up footing the bill, and this essentially means that you will be paying the removals company over time that you do not really need to be, as far as your own efforts go. Talking to your London removals company about waiting times charges is essential, as for whatever reason, they can crop up, and be extremely expensive. You will no doubt understand that each member of the team will be being paid a certain amount of overtime, which can really rack up! The same goes for late exchanges, where the date needs to be changed, losing your deposit. You can protect against all of these things by either taking out private protection, or going with a company that offers it as standard, just don;t get caught out at the last minute! http://www.removalsoffice.co.uk/office-removals/SW1-business-removals-pimlico.html