When you are about to move house, you will have a few options in terms of how you want to do things. If you are concerned about cash, then there are ways of making a removal work for you, and it is often with the money side of things in mind that people tend to go for the man and van option for their home removals. You will no doubt understand that the man and van option for moving house is a lesser option that the full scale removals company, but if used right, the job can be done well. You will likely understand that a massive removal can not really be done sensibly or effectively with a man and van service, but if you are moving out of a small house or a flat, then there is certainly a lot of scope for the man and van in your move plan, as there are simply so many sizes and shapes available to you. Whilst deciding to go for a man and van in the first place is one thing, finding the right candidate for the job is a completely different one, and you will need to be sure to have a look over the following ideas to make sure that you are not at risk of getting things wrong and making a mess of it in the long run!

For a start, you need to have a think about what you need form the van itself. You should be aware of the kind of space that you need, as well as the protective measures that you want. Many man and van companies or individual services will provide a set size, so this will be a factor. It is difficult to work out exactly how large the load is, but if you envisage the smallest room in your house, and then imagine how much of that room your furniture would take up, then you can make a rough measurement of the volume, by measuring the would be dimensions of the pile. You could of course try stacking everything against a wall and measuring it up, but that can take ages! Simply letting the driver know how many rooms you have and what there is to be moved will give them a good idea as to what they can and can not take. You may want to get them to look around at everything before hand, though this may result in a charge for the quote.

You will find that some man and van services are paid for by the hour, whilst others are done so on a full quote basis. The quote will usually be more expensive than the hourly rate, but it will defend you against the time sensitive issues that hold ups like traffic and loading problems can have on the final price. If you are clever however, you can plan the whole thing well, so that the time spent with the man and van driver is as low as possible, giving you a better price. If you have your things out on the curb for instance, then it will be cheaper. Finding the right man and van is down to your own needs and preferences, and you will find that the best way to ensure that you are getting a good deal is to keep all of these things in mind and do some extensive shopping around. Ask family and friends if they have anyone that they use by default for some good advice.