When it comes to moving house, there are a few things that can affect how well you get on, and may of them will be influenced by the removals company that you choose. Form how stressed you get by having to organize things, to how friendly the people around you are as you get all of your belongings moved form one place to another, there are a great many issues that can come of choosing badly, so it is well worth taking a look at a few ideas as to how to ensure you are getting the best company for you. The company that suits you will not always suit everyone else, and depending on where you live your options may be limited, so do not expect to be told what your perfect removals company will be like, as it is all down to your move and the way in which you like to do things!

First off, think about the size of your move. Removals companies will be able to advise on the options that a move like yours will require, so that you can get your move done in a way that suits the size of your house, and the volume of possessions that you will be transporting. For a one bed flat, it is rare that you will need more than a large man and van service, which many removals companies will provide, if you would prefer keep a professional removals service on hand. When you are organizing the van with your removals team, work out whether you are going to experience any issues with the roads leading up to your new place, as well as parking at both properties.

Be wary of young companies who make wild promises. There is always a risk that you will turn down a great removals company in favor of a cheaper one, only to be told that the price has gone up just before the day of the move. This tactic is called ‘moving the goalposts’ and it is a way of enticing new business in, but then still getting a full fee out of them. One way to avoid cowboy or scam removals companies is to use companies who are members of the British Association of Removers, or the Guild of removers and storers. These associations keep their members under strict guidelines, and failure to comply by them will result in that company being stricken from the books of the association. You will find that these guidelines result in a much more even playing field, and that you know exactly what you are in for having read through the manifesto and rules that the associations supply on their respective websites. Whilst membership to may drive the price of your remover up a little, the peace of mind will likely be worth it, simply in that you will have the wherewithal to challenge anything that you think unfair and improper, based upon a solid set of instructions.

The main filter for finding the perfect removals company for your needs is often your own intuition. If you have a person on the other end of the phone who doesn’t sound that pleased to be dealing with you, then how likely is it that you are going to get along with the staff of the same company? A friendly and warm customer service speaks volumes about how well you can deal with the removals team, and is as much a way to find the right company as any other!