House moving at any stage in life is challenging and needs a lot of careful planning and budgeting, but as a student moving for university it can be especially tough. As a student moving out on your own you have to be extra careful about your budget. You also want to plan smart and pack right because you cannot start a new chapter in your life by lugging everything you own from your parents home to your dorm room. When there are other things to consider such as finding a roommate or making money for rent or tuition or which subjects you are going to choose in the coming semester, you can do without worrying about your removals.
The secret to enjoying smooth, unproblematic student removals is in hiring removal companies that specialise in helping students move. You will find many house movers Fulham that offer small house removals services but you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking “small= cheap”. For moving to a college apartment or a university dorm room you need a different kind of relocation service. In this article we have some great tips on hiring professional student removals services.
Your budget is obviously the primary concern. Ask the moving company London for a price quote and request details about how the quote is calculated. Most moving companies take the amount of luggage, the distance to be crossed and the number of London movers needed when they are calculating their removal prices. By asking for details about the same you will see exactly how much you are being charged for each aspect of the removal and you might even be able to do some of it yourself and save some money.
Secondly, you must decide along with the removals company how many UK removals professionals you need. For light removals you can usually make do with two movers, whereas a for a large house removal you would probably need a team of around five house movers. The numbers of movers needed directly affects the removal quotes you get and when you are planning student removals a key trick to saving money is to limit your load so you don’t need a lot of people to help you move.
The next step is to decide whether you need packing services or not. A lot of student removals services are designed only to help you load and unload your things into and from the moving vehicle and of course, to transport them between the two addresses. If you need help in packing your things, it is obviously going to be a service you have to pay for. So, if you do not have a lot of things to be moved you can save money on hiring a packing service by managing this step yourself. ​
Finally, when you are considering different removals companies to hire for your student removals you need to decide whether you want to pay for moving trucks or if removal vans will be enough. This, again, depends directly on the luggage that you will be bringing with you. If you only have a few packed boxes and limited furniture, you should be able to make do with a removals van. Removal vans are cheaper to hire than removal trucks. This option works especially well if you are packing your things yourself- this way you only need someone to help you load things into the removal van and drive them to the new address. Make sure the removal van you get is in good condition so that you can be guaranteed the safety of your belongings.
Once you’ve discussed and decided these things with the moving company you can look forward to an easy transition into your new home or dorm.