Self-storage offers an alternative way to traditional methods for storing your items when moving house. In the past, traditional storage relied on renting space from removal companies, man and van companies or large storage organisations that came with certain restrictions and rules. This would often leave the customer with limited access to items, lack of flexibility, long-term contracts and high charges.

Self-storage generally overcomes these issues by offering a self-controlled storage solution Richmond that lets customers have their own self-contained, fully enclosed storage unit that gives them full access, lower costs and increased flexibility, as well as control of size of the rented unit. This means that whether you want to store the contents of your entire house or just some items from your garage, you can get the space you need.
Here are some key advantages of self-storage.

Self-storage lets you store pretty much anything you like, which is extremely useful when moving house. It also allows you to rent space in the size that you need and want, accommodating the amount of contents that you have depending on your needs. Often with traditional methods of storage, contracts tend to be on long-term, whereas self-storage offers more flexibility with short-term contracts. Often storage space is only required for a minimum of a few days when moving house so this provides a more flexible solution. Also, you can quickly increase or decrease your storage space if you require.

The costs of self-storage tend to be cheaper than traditional storage space renting from larger organisations. Access to your items is free of charge and you can gain entry to your belongings when you want, restricted only by opening times of the facility. An enormous advantage is that most self-storage places allow you to take away items whenever you want as well as add extra belongings there too. With more traditional storage spaces, this would come at an extra cost. The benefit of using self-storage is it can be a cost-effective way of avoiding unnecessary charges.

More Control
Self-storage keeps you in control. The storage space stays where it is and your items cannot be moved without your permission.

As with anything when depending on yourself, there comes more responsibility. In the case of self-storage, this will often involve getting your items to the unit yourself as well as unpacking everything yourself. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It allows you to store your items the way you want them to be organized which gives the added advantage of giving you more freedom to keep the essentials at the front and the less-used items at the back, minimising the need of unloading the entire unit to access certain items. Often, self-storage companies sell packing supplies and may have vans available for you to rent to move your items, saving time on searching for yourself.

Short-term contracts
The beauty of self-storage is that the contracts are far more flexible than traditional storage and are available on a short-term basis. Be aware that companies may require a deposit to ensure the contract is adhered to, or possibly a weekly or monthly charge up-front.

With a self-storage unit, you will be the only key-holder, unless you request nomination of other key-holders. This can provide peace of mind for security, knowing that no one else will enter your storage unit. Always select a reputable self-storage company that invests in security such as CCTV, guards and alarms. You will be expected to provide your own lock, which gives you greater flexibility to pick a padlock that you know to be secure.