You are moving house and over the years you have built up quite a collection of home valuables, can you now trust a Man and Van to transport all your belongings from your old home to your new home safely?
It always pays to do your homework. Speak to friends or family who have recently moved themselves and ask them for their recommendations. Or you can look up such services in the Yellow Pages or local trades’ papers. There are many websites that offer reviews on removal services including those in your area, spend time looking at them. Try to get as many quotes as possible, as you want the service which is offering you the best value for money.
How to avoid the rogue traders? In theory, anyone can buy a second hand van, advertise themselves through their local paper and offer you a ‘service’. Unfortunately these kind of people do not wear a sign around their necks but there are obvious pitfalls to avoid such as the Man and Van who asks for cash in hand (a way of avoiding tax), the ones who don’t have a business address and use a mobile phone number only – if anything goes wrong there is little chance of tracking them down! Be aware of the Man and Van using unrealistic pictures of themselves in adverts as you could be in for a surprise when a rusty old van turns up. Poorly maintained vans are not only a hazard on the road but may well be breaching insurance conditions. If there is an accident or your goods are damaged in transit you may not get all your money back. It can also be an indication that they lack enough funds to invest properly in themselves!
There are certainly advantages going with a Man & Van, they have a more flexible approach than the bigger courier companies, some will even allow you to travel with them in the van, but this must be arranged with them beforehand. Sometimes a deposit is not required.
There are many Man and Van removal services up and down the country so how do you ensure you are getting the best value for money, that the person you hire will have sufficient experience in handling your furniture?
What questions should you be asking before you hire their services?
– How long have they been trading and who/how many will be helping out?
– Are staff fully trained and experienced and not just employed on a casual basis?
– Will there be a contract? So important because not having a contract leaves you open and unprotected.
– What insurance cover do they have in place?
– Are they are member of The British Association of Removers (BAR)? If anything goes wrong you are then offered some protection.
– How much will the final bill be? All charges should be agreed upfront so there will be no hidden charges. Be aware of anyone giving rough estimates only.

Many Man and Van services also offer a packing service if required and will dismantle furniture and assemble it again for you. They can also provide strong packing materials. Make sure this is included in the price you are quoted.

When you have done your homework, you can then hand over the responsibility of transporting your beloved belongings to professional staff and relax in the knowledge that everything should go according to plan.