Waiting time charges are a difficult part of the removals process. They may not even be something that you are that well versed in, as they tend not to be that widely talked about for a few reasons. First of all, no one wants to go in to a removal assuming that there will be issues and that waiting time will occur, let alone that they would be charged for it. It is much the same mentality that stops people from signing a pre-nuptial agreement, as love is surely the only thing that matters at the time! On a similar note, the removals company will perhaps keep their waiting times charges as a lesser mentioned aspect of the removals deal, as they can sometimes use such incidents to make a lot of extra cash on the day. Waiting times charges work like over time. Essentially if there is an issue that is beyond the control of the removals company, then they will potentially want to charge you extra for the time that they are not able to work. This makes sense, as you have booked them to do a job, and if they can’t do the job in the time that they allotted due to an outside issue, then they should be given due payment for the time that is being wasted of them. They will still end up going home later through no fault of their own. However, the difficulty comes in that the extra time can be charged at a rate that they set themselves, and if it is not discussed, but finds its way into the contract, which is then signed, then the removals company may well be in a position where they can take a lot of cash from you, and you are helpless to stop them.

Some removals companies will have waivers in place that will mean that you pay a little extra in the first place to remove the waiting times charge overall. If you feel like your solicitor or the other end of the house deal are particularly disorganized or slow, then this may be a clever precaution to take, depending on how much the waiver costs, and how high the waiting times charges are. Being particularly organized is usually a great way to prevent things going wrong, but in this case, the waiting time will usually be down to outsider issues, rather than your own. After all, most of the hanging around that you do as a group will be due to the removals company themselves, rather than your own faults.

So, the best thing to do really, is to be aware that the charges exist, and to talk over them with the company in advance of signing the contract. It may not sound like a big deal to have waiting charges of time and a half, but if the hourly rate is £20 per staff member, and you have 5 staff and have to wait three hours for the other property owners to vacate their property, then you have £450 worth of extra fees! Trying to get this rate down in advance or signing the waiver is obviously a great thing to be able to do. On the other hand, you could write it in to your property exchange that any waiting times incurred by the other party will be charged to them, which removes your own liability. You could do the same with the bank, estate agent and solicitors if ow feel that there is a potential for trouble in those areas as well.
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