When it comes down to a commercial relocation, you will need to have a decent team around you ensuring that the move goes ahead easily. One of the main points of this team will be a smaller moving service who can deal with smaller jobs, like picking up large amounts of boxes, or doing small runs with delicate items, so that they are not lumped in with the main bulk of the load. This service will likely be a man with a van. Whilst some companies will offer man and van services as part of their own deal, you will find that it can be cheaper or easier for you to have your own man with van service, as you can get a better deal in some cases. Have a look over the following points to ensure that you know all that you need to in advance of trying to find the ideal small commercial moving service.

For a start, you need to be sure that you understand the price points. Some man with a van services will charge by the hour, whilst others will charge by the job. If you are going to be using a man and van alongside your removals company, then it will only make sense if you are well aware of the jobs that they will need to do in advance of the move. Otherwise, you will have a man and van hanging around all day, just in case you need them, which will be a waste of money! You should consider the implications of the job beforehand, and work out whether you think the quotes that you have received for the set job rate will be lower than it would be if you were to do a slow job on an hourly rate. It can be hard to work out, but in the interest of avoiding traffic problems, and keeping the budget set, a commercial move will likely require a set job price, rather than the risk of an hourly rate. That said, if you are looking to save money, an hourly rate for a commercial removal NW6 will usually be a lot less than the set price.

Be aware of the size of the van that you are using. You will find that much of the time they are more spacious than you would expect, but you don’t want to be caught out! Should there be any sort of issue with space at the last minute, you are going to have to pay for another load, which is not what anyone needs when time and budgets are tight. You should be able to get a good idea of the size of van that you are dealing with by simply talking over it with the driver, and ensuring that you let them know what kind of thing you will be moving. If the items that will be being moved are not obvious in their size, like flat packed boxes, then you should equate the load size with something more recognizable, like a sofa or a wardrobe, so that the driver can tell you how likely it is.

Be aware of security with these services as well. You will no doubt find that almost all man and van drivers are there to help you out for fair money, but some may be there to make an illegal profit, by disappearing with your belongings. Be sure that someone is with them at all times to avoid this kind of security threat!