Rather than going with the option of hiring a removal firm to organise the intended removal for you, you can save a bit of money potentially by hiring a ‘man and his van’ instead. A ‘man and van’ service sees a man with a smaller sized van working like a removal service would but with a small van and no-one else in the team (riding solo so to speak!)! This is cheaper and better suited to a small sized move, rather than hiring a removal van and workmen to help you out, which might not be up to your requirements or suit your needs because you are not moving sizable pieces of furniture et al!

A small move with little belongings to be moved is therefore great for making use of this service; you don’t have much to move and can save costs, but it will require effort on your part to help move boxes from van to flat! Some removal firms offer this service as part of their overall range of services covered, otherwise there are small independent self-run firms with experience in this trade; hence the term ‘man and van’ based on these lone riders! You might find veteran independent companies more trustworthy based on experience, but companies with ‘man and van’ services will have workers specifically trained in removals and moving with the ability to drive a van! So in effect you are getting more than just a van driver, with a worker capable of completing different styles of move, skilled in handling large or small moves due to their role in the company. Worth keeping in mind when doing your search!

With certain companies, there are hidden extras that can help be in your favour, so keep this in mind when selecting the company or firm you want to go with. A tracking system (like that in long distance haulage) is used for certain vans so that the company can keep track of where the van is at any given time, with a live satellite feed for the course of the trip. This makes sure that workers are not taking any unnecessary breaks or taking a longer route with the intention of clocking up more time on the clock to try and cheat you out of hard earned cash. With this catered for, you can be sorted for peace of mind and free of worry for the move.

The price of manpower is often included in the overall cost. A bit like a taxi service, the clock stops once the unpacking is over and done with; starting when you leave the depot or warehouse to begin the journey. You will need to watch out for hidden extras when it comes to this. And be aware of the way the company charges; if you go over the hour mark, some will charge you the price of the extra full hour, or some will be a little kinder with half an hour paid for. So do be conscious of time taken when unpacking at the other side!

Be sure to check for the minor details in the small print concerning the way the company or firm charges for the use of its service. Some companies will price the invoice according to hour, whereas others will offer a bulk price. Longer journeys are obviously going to cost more, but are still feasible as long as you aren’t hoping to go all the way to Penzance or John O’ Groats in the space of a day! You can get a free quote easily enough, or ask for a fixed quote based on the size of vehicle you require. http://movingcompanylondon.org.uk/choosing-the-removal-company-sw7-you-need/