Simply having things packed into boxes isn’t all you need to do in preparing for the arrival of your man with a van.

Since a lot of removals uk companies charge by the hour, any budget-conscious house mover needs to understand about what the job of their man and van entails ahead of making an effort to assist their on hand professsional in doing his job quicker. In short, the more difficult or awkward it is for the removal company staff member to perform his work, the longer he will take, which subsequently hits you smack in the pocket. So understand exactly how you can reduce any effort in shifting, even down to the single hour, or near enough to it.

While having everything placed neatly in your front yard ahead of time is a good start, there are still further ways in which you can knock an hour or two off the overall cost. With the exception of front yard placement, the following explores further ways of facilitating your move.

1 – Place items on trolleys

Use all the trolleys you have on hand. Should you run out of trolleys, by all means use things with wheels elsewhere in the home, like that portable washing basket. Things like this work wonders in transporting goods from the front yard to the removals van, which may have to settle for a park down the street incidentally.

2 – Place items on crates

It’s advisable to place those large items on crates since it allows your man with a van, and indeed any assistant, to easily reach beneath the items and remove them. By contrast, having to haul a heavy item up from the ground means one is more liable to put their back out or crush their fingers. Upon request, some removals London companies may in fact be able to supply a forklift as part of their service. Should this be available, and you specifically elect the option prior, the crates are already adjusted to the job. Get as many as you can in advance.

3 – Prepare for rain by providing protection

Even if moving takes place on a sunny day to begin, it’s useful to have some sort of sheltering and protective means on hand in the event of rain. A canopy or a waterproof sheet blanket that covers a series of items is most ideal, otherwise place items under outdoor shelters. If absolutely starved of ideas, consider placing those old raincoats across your items. Even slight moisture on items can make the job of your on hand professional trickier, and increase chance of injury through slips, so be sure to ward off the rain through any means possible.

4 – Space items out

There’s no need to cram everything together just so everything is compact. Instead, use all your front yard space, while ensuring someone is minding the items the moment things start to accumulate outdoors. Distance between items means access is simpler across them, especially useful in the case of moving furniture.

5 – Make your guest a coffee

Don’t forget to do the old-fashioned polite thing. An especially courteous gesture first thing in the morning, and indeed before a job later in the afternoon, most man and van workers will readily accept the invitation of a coffee. You too will benefit since the caffeine should contribute to your worker’s productivity as they complete the task quicker than without the caffeine boost. Ideally offer something better than instant coffee however, otherwise offer a good tea.