There is an ongoing debate as to whether it’s better to use van hire or a removal company for a move. This guide will offer some advice regarding the advantages and disadvantages of both of these services.

1) Pricing and services
The services that a man and a van provide tend to be cheaper than a remover service. Most van hire services will have competitive prices as there’s stiff competition in their industry. Their services, however, are limited as they usually can only offer removal and on occasion, packing.

Most removal companies will have a higher price for their services. However, they do offer a greater variety of services compared to a man and van Soho. Their range of services would include packing, storage and in some cases, relocate services.

2) Flexibility and size of the business
Some van hire companies are available for hire on the day before a move. The biggest problem with these types of services is the size. Van hire companies tend to be smaller in size and frequently, they will either be a one man show or have a small amount of staff. With many removal companies, you will need to book early, at least one week in advance to be guaranteed a service on the day of the move. However, they will have bigger resources so they’ll employ a sizeable amount of staff that can deal with the move, along with the customer care. This is the biggest difference between the two types of businesses.

3) Scale of the move and the size of the van
Another big difference between the two is the scale of the move along with the size of the van. Most man in a van companies are quite capable of dealing with small scale moves, such as pieces of furniture. However, they don’t have the resources to deal with a large house move. Most van hire companies will have small vans which are not that expensive. With most companies in the removers industry, they will have big, expensive vans and they’ll be able to handle a big house move. With smaller moves, it may be better to go with a man and a van, as removers companies will charge a lot more. However, you should note that if you decide to use a man in a van, there will be a lot of to and fro from the old location to the new location as their van will be much smaller, so you will not be able to fit a number of items inside.

4) Trained and reliability
The problem with many van hire companies is that it is difficult for customers to identify whether they are reliable or not. Some of these companies are very small, so it is harder for a customer to find out whether their workforce is fully trained in removals and whether the company is insured. It will be hard for them to know whether the company is a member of BAR. Whereas with removers companies, their staff will be fully trained and they will be able to handle a wide variety of removals and some removers companies will be a BAR member, which means that if there is any damage done by the company during the move, the customer can complain to BAR, who will try to resolve the situation.

5) The move itself
If you want to take part in the moving process, a man and van would be better suited. However, if you’d rather someone else did the move, than a removal company is a better fit.