Whether you’re one of those people that spends all their time in their bedroom or literally only goes in there to sleep, either way it is a highly personal space and one that will need packing just like all the other rooms in the house.
It’s a good place to start your packing. There are lots of items in the average bedroom that you can probably live without. If you start packing a week in advance, for example, then you can plan your outfits for that week including your accessories and keep clean bed linen and bed clothes for the duration of that week and pack everything around it.
Obviously every bedroom is completely different and therefore any tips or advice on how to pack the specific furnishings will only apply to the people who have this furniture but nevertheless it seems important to make some suggestions on how best to move this bedroom.
Clear Out: If you have ever had any hoarding tendencies then it is probably the bedroom
that has had to cope with the most unnecessary stuff being crammed into every nook and cranny. Before you move, do a really thorough clear out. Think about when the last time was that you used every single thing in your bedroom and if it gets to the stage where you are finding stuff and saying things like ‘I completely forgot I had that’ or worse ‘I didn’t even know I owned one of those’ then it’s fair to say these things have no place in your new bedroom. If you didn’t know they existed then you aren’t going to miss them: Time to make a donation to your local charity outlet.
Tidy: When it comes to the bedroom it is fairly common to hear someone say ‘I know where everything is’ when to the outside eye it looks like quite catastrophically messy. Unless you have some sort of photographic memory and you are going to know exactly which box every tiny possession went into, simply moving your tip of a bedroom into boxes and then onto the new floor is not going to work. It’s a recipe for losing things. Give your bedroom a really thorough tidy up and make sure everything is in its place and the floor is as clear as physically possible. The floor will become an essential screening and preparation area when you come to pack everything away so it will be very important that you can at least see it before you start.
Non Essentials: In the week or two leading up to the move, you won’t really have the time or inclination to be doing anything really which isn’t essential to the move. This means that you can pack up the majority of your books, CDs, DVDs and games before you move onto the things you use every day and in this sense you can really make the biggest impact on your move from the bedroom. You can start the week before you start packing by making a mental or physical note on what you use every single day and then anything that doesn’t make the cut can go straight into the boxes.
These are just some suggestions on your bedroom moving so better get started to really make the best of this move.