Lots of companies offer solutions if you’re looking to move to Norway. It’s not a frozen wasteland like people may think it is. It has beautiful mountains, waterfalls and fjords where you can go on outdoors holidays away from home, if you were to live in Oslo or one of the urbanised areas, it’s never far away from the sweeping hills of the countryside. The weather in the south of Norway, as you may imagine, is more suited for habitation, but all over the country is quite sparse giving you room away from industrial areas which might be rare in England, especially if you have been living in London. There are natural, untouched expanses all over the place. One of the greatest things about Norway is the fresh air and water; the water comes down from mountain springs and is so much cleaner than the water available in England for that reason.

House prices are a lot lower in Norway than they are in the UK, so you would imagine that you could easily sell up in London or even rent out your London house in order to cover all the bills, rent and cost of living in Norway, since most places in the world are less expensive than London! Before you take drastic measures, make sure to arrange storage for the things the house might not be able to fit in. This is only an imperative if you’re downsizing; it is often the case that the price of a one bedroom flat in Leyton might get you a four bedroom wooden house in the countryside in Norway. So you might end up not needing to use self storage at all. Have a look on the internet for the best priced UK removal companies and call for removal quotes extensively. It’s important to look hard for the best moving price considering that there is a fair distance to be covered and it might vary drastically based on that. Starting with a reputable moving and storage firm in London will allow you find out a price which could be average or slightly above average. It will set a baseline for the expectations the other companies could meet. Keep calling around until you find the lowest price which goes below all other averages and you will be safe knowing that you have found the cheapest removal companies.

It is advisable to move to Norway just as summer is coming in. Winter in Norway is something which needs to be adjusted to and plenty of Norwegians take a winter holiday off somewhere sunny for a few weeks. This is actually a possibility considering the attitude to the government and the cost of living. Many people are allowed by their jobs and situation to go off on a holiday because institutions realise how important it is. The houses available in Norway are absolutely fantastic. A quick look at estate agents on the internet will show you the wide range of different places you can get, from a huge open plan flat in the city to a newly built, modernised log cabin on the hillside.

As is the case when moving to anywhere in the world, you need to do your research so you don’t get a bad deal with moving companies. Check how many removal men you’ll need to hire and whether you want to talk to small movers or man and van rental companies. Cheap removals in London are readily available, but not all will be willing to move you to Norway. Get in touch with all of them for a removals quote before you act, for best results.