The key to moving an office is to reduce the impact that the move itself has on the business. You will find that your business needs to move in order to increase profits, whether downsizing, or increasing staff, you will always have an eye on the turnovers that the office space is ensuring stay in a good place. Despite the idea that the move is happening to increase profits, the effects that the move have will certainly reduce your work for a couple of days at least, as the upheaval of a removal is so great that it will be nigh on impossible to work through it all. Trying to reduce the amount of work days lost by the move will come down to some exceptional planning and rational thought on your part, as well as hiring a great office removals company. A few things to keep on your mind at all times follow, but the overall question is; how do your lost days compare in terms of money lost, in comparison to the expense of paying for the process to be quicker?

For a start, you need a removals company. A specialist office removals company will have experience in the field that they need to, as domestic removals are quite a different beast. With an office removal you will be moving a lot more expensive machinery and technology, as well as high quantities of similar furniture, like desks, chairs and shelving. Therefore, a company has to be suited to such removals, otherwise they are likely to have issues with the sheer size difference; this is not a job for those used to moving a few boxes… Look online to find specialist companies, and have a look on reviews sites to see whether there are any testimonials as to how well they have treated previous customers. Ask around your friends in business to see who they have used for their moves in the past, as a personal recommendation is extremely useful.

Once you have your team in place, take them on a site visit of the place, so that they know exactly what they are dealing with. Show the company all of the stairs, lifts and exits, to work out the best points of access, and alert them to any particularly large furniture that may cause issues. You will want to ensure that the team are well acquainted with the building and it’s contents, as otherwise there could be nasty surprises on the day. How to pack everything up is a difficult thing to decide on, as there are often great packing services that come with such removals companies. If your office is a large one, then it makes a lot of sense for the removals company to do the packing, however, a smaller office may have a couple of staff ho can get it done easily, meaning that you avoid any extra charges on your removal service.

Packing up the filing is a particularly important and delicate thing to get right. You must ensure that there is no chance that your documents are going to get muddled, as this can cause a nightmare when it comes to filing, especially for tax! You will likely need to look in to various methods for document filing, but it may well be a great time to move over to digital from paper, which will mean that your documents are a lot easier to access when you need them, and are less wasteful in their uses of paper. Ensure that everything is encrypted however, you don’t want your data being leaked!