Paris is a wonderful and lovely cosmopolitan city with a rich and vibrant culture attracting many travelers and expatriates from all over the world. Moving here however requires a good deal of preparations and some experience in dealing with the necessary details. The following tips will give you the basics on what you need to know to make things happen:

• Obtaining a French ATM Card
Although this may seem like something unnecessary, in reality having a local card will open many doors for you. The “puce” is a chip present in all of the local ATM cards that helps you with local purchases. One of the first things you have to do is open a local bank account as soon as possible. You will likely need to get in contact with the bank of your choosing before you even set foot in Paris itself. In many cases banks will require you to prove you have a good job by providing them with a letter from your employer proving it. If you don’t have a local card and bank account you would have great difficulties in paying your bills, activating utilities and even renting a home.

• Obtaining a French Driver’s License
This is something else you will absolutely need, as in all cases anyone who spent a year living in France is required to have a local driver’s license. If you come from a country that happens to be a member of the EU, then you won’t have that issue. You could also trade your US or Canadian driver’s license for a French one, depending on the state or province you’re coming from as well after a year spent in France.

• Furniture and Moving
There are many ways you can approach this, either by trying to buy it in France or to ship your furniture inside the country itself if you need to. You should keep in mind that Parisian staircases and elevators are small in most cases, so anything you want to pick for your new home should be carefully considered. There is also the fact that most furniture delivery in France takes weeks, so you should do your best to choose a good strategy. You could choose to pick some great pieces from your own home country, so stick to using a moving company if you feel you need to move your furniture. If you want to fit in with the local styles, then you will need to wait a bit until you get great Parisian choices for your furniture needs.

• Searching for Apartments
You could work through a local broker for quick and accurate results, however you should also keep in mind that summertime is a moment when quite a few of them choose to go on vacation. You should accommodate your needs by picking a good time to act. You should also keep in mind that you will often be asked to have a guarantor, so you will need to find one before embarking on your search for apartments. You might also happen upon an apartment with no kitchen appliances so make sure you’re prepared for this possibility. Check out the local stores if you don’t have all the necessities in your new apartment and if you’re allowed to, you should install double-paned glass. Paris can be a pretty noisy place, depending on where you live around the city.

• Renting vs Buying
That of course largely depends on how long you plan on staying in Paris. You should take in the fact that some fees when purchasing a property will be higher than they would be in other countries. This may need you to accommodate for the extra expenses and do a good bit of research before jumping into the fray of real estate.

A Guest Post from: http://www.manandvan.org/outside-london/manwithavan-sg14-hertford-removals.html