Hiring a removal van hire can be an affordable option to aid all situations. It can save paying delivery costs when buying large pieces of furniture. You can have the freedom to move your own belongs from one place to another. Removal vans come in a range of sizes and can be hired for as long as you require. Having the independence to a commercial vehicle can help make life a lot easier. They can be used for domestic or business needs and as frequently as you want.
1. Choosing a removal van hire company
Ask around for recommendations, friends and family may have used a company that they were really happy with. Otherwise do your own research and source a company in your area. There will be a good choice so check out reviews for proficiency. When hiring a service you want the best and at an affordable cost that won’t break the bank. Many companies have a massive range of deals to suit individual cases.
2. Making life easier
Whether it is moving house or office, moving rubbish or furniture a moving van can be the perfect choice. It doesn’t matter if you want to hire a removal van for a few hours, a day, a week or longer they are at your disposal. Companies nowadays are flexible and will fit in with your lifestyle and requirements. If you are unsure about anything then ask when you arrange your van hire. These companies are the experts at handling all types of situations and will help all they can. If you need assistance with the driving or loading then you will be able to hire extra help if you prefer.
3. Tips on moving
If you are moving a large load make sure you park the van as close to the contents as possible. Dismantle large pieces of furniture to save room. Pack boxes a similar weight so you can lift them. Make sure breakables are wrapped individually for protection. Wrap anything that can get scratched in plastic. Pack individual electronic equipment in boxes. Defrost freezers and keep upright. Hang clothes on hangers or lay flat and pack in boxes. Roll rugs, lay books flat, and pack plates on their sides rather than flat as it reduces the chance of any breakages.
4. Loading and unloading
When it comes to loading a removal van you will need some extra hands, get help from family or friends for a quicker job. Make sure you have blankets to hand to protect furniture from getting scratched. You will need to make sure everything is labeled. Place heavy and bulky items in the van first, and place heavy boxes underneath lighter one. Awkward shapes and breakables should be situated on the top. A sack barrow is a useful tool for taking items that are heavy such as washing machines, freezers and dishwashers. It is essential you park the van as near to the house or office as is possible for ease.
5. The journey
It can take time doing any type of removal and the main important concern is to make sure everything is safe and secure for it transportation. If the removal vehicle is new to you make sure you make your time when driving. It is necessary to have acquired the required insurance for the contents when doing your own removal and hiring a commercial van to safe guard against accidents, damage and theft. If planned out correctly whatever the reason for hiring a larger van for a removal will help in all situations and save money on removal firms.