When you’re conducting a removal operation yourself by employing a van rental service, there is a lot to bear in mind every step of the way. However, this handy guide to all things removal van hire will assist you in making a few key steps before you actually move. Some careful and considered measures taken early on will save you bags of time further down the line.
For a start, it’s important to remember that each removal van hire firm will have their own sets of internal conditions and rules governing their van rental services, which make different demands on customers. Before you sign up with a particular van hire business, comprehensively familiarise yourself with their rulebooks, guidelines and requirements. Ask yourself whether you feel you are able to adhere to them or not, and pick the set which you are most comfortable with. Firms can impose stiff penalties on people who flout their regulations, so be careful!
Also, before you make your move, get a clear picture (not just an estimate!) of how large and heavy your cargo is. It is crucial you nail this down, because you could end up paying for a rental van that is unnecessarily large, or simply not big enough to accommodate you! The best van rental places will have a wide array of moving vehicles to choose from, to accommodate different needs and requirements. Picking the right size van will reduce the amount of trips you have to make.
When comparing van removal services, make sure you know exactly what’s included in your package and what isn’t. Some firms may require you to purchase separate temporary insurance plans with them – and, suffice to say, costs for this vary from firm to firm. Best to establish this from the outset, rather than be caught by a hidden charge when your bill comes! Some companies will deliberately leave such items out of their initial quote, so be wary!
The best removal firms will offer unlimited mileage packages – snag a company offering this if you can. Even if you have a route to your destination planned out in advance, you never know if you might have to deviate and eat up some more distance in the process. If you can’t get a mileage deal, make sure the removal van rental company has an accurate document of the amount of miles on the van’s clock before you leave, and the fuel level.
Also, before you drive the rental moving van away, check your vehicle’s exterior and interior extensively, top to bottom. We’ve heard some real horror stories about cowboy moving van for hire businesses who try to charge customers for scratches and dents they didn’t cause! However, you needn’t worry – rental vehicle firms out to extort money from innocent members of the public are few and far between!
A major thing to bear in mind, too, is that van rental may not be removal solution you’re looking for. This is especially true if you’ve never driven a van before. Driving a removal van is not like driving a car, and vans are both higher and wider than the average automobile. You may want to consider man and van services, or professional removal services, to assist in your project.
If, however, you do end up renting a moving van, remember that parking a van is very different to parking a care. Take extra care and pay increased attention when you park, to ensure you don’t damage the van in the process. We wish you the best of luck – we hope we’ve been of some assistance!