There are sometimes a few things that can be neglected when you are moving house, and it is these little details that are forgotten that can make a smooth move into a day from hell. You will no doubt be aware of the major aspects of a move that need to be in place for the whole thing to work well, but what about those smaller bits and pieces that go under the radar? Well, having a look through the following ideas will get you thinking about how the move can be done differently, as well as alerting you to the potential pitfalls that you may well encounter along the way. There is a lot to be said for taking a step back from the removals process and having a decent think about how you could do things in a different way, simply because the process has become very normalized, and this helps feed the profits of the companies involved. You may well find that a few small changes to your preconceived notions of what a move requires will ensure that you save cash, time and effort in the long run. of course, you need to be careful that you do not cut any essential corners, as this could mean that things fall apart as the move goes forward.

First off, think about what you are paying for. Starting early with your move planning can give you a bit of breathing room, and this time is great to consider why you need to spend what you may well have spent previously. Removals company are very costly, and will no doubt leave you feeling pretty low on money, so how could you do things differently? The fact is that some moves require a large removals company with a lot of staff and a fleet of trucks. In these cases, you probably have enough money for that necessity to not be too much of a problem. If your move is smaller, then could you hire a van and do it yourself? Or do you need the large service that you thought you did? Man and van services are flexible and pretty cheap in comparison to a removals company, so a couple of trips with a man and van, rather than a single one with a remover could make all the difference to your wallet! Similar saving techniques, like sourcing used boxes and bubble wrap, can cut down your costs considerably, and ensure that you are in a good place financially, even if you do have to use a removals company.

Give a bit of thought to the people involved in your move other than yourself. Are your kids happy about the move? If not ensure that the removal does not take up all of your family time, as this will make things even more difficult for them. If you have older children, then over compensating for your guilt at dislocating them could well cause further problems however. You may find that teens react badly to too much attention, as they know that it comes from a strange place. One sure fire way to make a removal day go badly is to treat the removals team with anything other than friendliness and respect. Should removal team feel that you are cross or lording it over them, then their productivity will not be the same as if they enjoyed working for you. Ensure that you have tea and biscuits available and recommend breaks, as this will certainly get them on your side!