The change of residency is something inevitable for quite a lot of people in today’s world. In many cases doing so involves a whole lot more than just moving down the street. Whether you plan on moving out of the city or the country or halfway across the globe, you will need to take care of your belongings. Such things may carry a decent amount of stress with them, resulting in frustration, exhaustion and other difficulties. Knowing how to properly organize and plan ahead will serve you well when the important day arrives. The following tips aim to help you in a long-distance move scenario:

• Getting insured
Moving insurance for long distance travel is based on the weight of your items, combined together, rather than their individual value. Before you decide on a specific decision concerning such long-distance moves, you should make sure you check what insurances are offered by your chosen moving company and whether they will cover the full value of your possessions.

• Packing and planning ahead of time
The more moving day approaches on the horizon, the more likely it is you will miss something of importance. It is easy to get confused when the movers are walking around your home, collecting boxes and taking care of things. You will need to ensure everything is looked after long before the moving truck has arrived at your home. You must minimize this risk by planning possibly at least several weeks in advance.

• Personal records and valuables
You must ensure the medical and financial records you keep are well-packed and organized so they can be easily retrieved when you travel to your new destination. Medical records must include your immunizations, not only for you but also for any family members or your pets travelling along with you. When you finally move, such sensitive information has to be kept right with you, since moving companies are forbidden from taking them on as part of their cargo. You should ensure that your valuables are kept safe and sound on your person during travel or at least in your vehicle. Everything else can be easily transported by the moving company of your choice.

• Label everything
Although this is a simple task, it will greatly help you in clearing out any confusion in the process of moving. Such organization will not only help you deal with the unloading process in a timely and consistent manner, but it will also allow you to experience far less stress overall. Make sure you also clearly mark which boxes contain fragile items.

• Hire a good moving company
A professional moving company will have a viable listing with yellow pages, web directories and so forth. When it comes down to moving your belongings long distances, companies will naturally have higher prices on said services because of the extra expenses involved in the process. You must look up companies which offer positive reviews, good references and transportation costs. Hired companies must also have credentials and experience in long distance and/or international shipping and moving.