There are three main types of removal services – the first one is the easiest one – hiring a big removal company with numerous crews for everything like packing, loading, unloading or cleaning crews. The second opt is usually a bit cheaper and it includes only a man and van hire or maybe several men with a bigger van for big domestic removals. The third main opt is to hire only a van and to do everything by yourself or to call friends, strong family members and other helpers for the heavy lifting. Yet that`s only an overview of what`s to come when you have to decide how to organize your relocation. Let`s begin with the first opt – calling a big removals company with professional crews for everything.
Undoubtedly, this is the less stressful choice for yourself and your family, because the moving agents take good care for the entire move. From the planning of the inventory documents and the inventory itself, through the loading and the transportation of your belongings, to the unpacking and cleaning of the new house. This is just a glimpse of their professional services, because everything depends on the specific situation like the size of the apartment, the volume of your belongings, etc. The big removal agencies also have a myriad of complimentary services like storing facilities for your belongings and recycling services with eco-friendly boxes and materials. Just you have to find the company that suites best your needs and to request quotes for the move. For example, search in internet for the biggest moving company in your region and make a call to discuss the details about the move. Because the big companies do almost everything by their professional crews – they are liable for any possible damage of your boxes during the transportation, instead of yourself when you do the packing by yourself. Yet their main disadvantage is the higher price of their services, but let`s face it – the expensive things usually cost less on a long term basis.
The second main type of removal services is to hire a man with a van company, which also offer a myriad of opportunities and services. They may range from a small local company with only one man and a smaller van, which can easily fit through the Downtown streets, as well as deal easily with the heavy traffic during the weekends. On the other hand, for big removals and when is needed an extra power for heavy lifting of giant furniture objects, for example, a better opt is to rent a van with two, three or more man. They can help you with the heavy lifting or with a partial packing of your belongings, as well as with the loading and unloading of the van. The best thing is that the man knows best the capabilities of his van and so the arrangement will be much safer, than when doing everything by yourself.
The third main choice is to do everything by yourself and to rent only a van. This is definitely the cheapest opt and in some cases like for small holiday relocations or for a transportation of light objects at short distances – it`s the best choice. A great idea is to browse the sites of the moving companies and to read the descriptions of their vans. Select the volume of the van and its size, and also determine whether a van with a side or a rear door is the better opt. Respectively, you have to know everything else in advance – like the amount of your belongings and the size of the boxes, their weight, etc. Florida Miami Movers