A small move to a different point in the big bustling city or a move with a long duration somewhere around a nearby city or just moving along with the family members during the hot summer – there are plenty of reasons why to rent a van. However, to find the perfect removal van to suite your needs is usually little bit more complex and it requires some important hints and tricks to keep in mind. The agent from the removal company can tell you all the details and information about their vans, but on the other hand, it’s always useful to know exactly what you’re looking for. For example, begin with the choice of passengers. When planning a long drive for a big national holiday, you probably need a van with 4+ seats for the kids or an extra seat for the dog maybe. Ask the removal company whether their vans are pet-friendly.

If you plan a trip to the sea or the ocean in the summer – a small, one-way drive rental van may be the better choice, especially if you dream for a romantic escape with an unknown end only with yourself and your loved one. Other companies offer man with a van, which is the perfect choice for small house removals. When choosing the van according to the number of passengers – keep in mind the length of your trip, because you may need to hire a driver for truly long trips as well.

The perfect removal van is the one that makes you feel comfortable and it’s visually pleasing like your own car. You definitely need to select it by the location and size of the main door for loading and unloading. For small removals a van with a smaller side door can do a great job, while on the other hand – when moving all your inventory, furnishings, electronics and other big heavy stuff piled in big heavy boxes, there is no need to struggle – a van with a big rear sliding door will be the more comfortable opt. Take into account the location of the front door of your new house and the direction of the street, because sometimes it’s more comfortable to park the van sideways.

The smallest vans look like normal family cars and so they can make you feel more comfortable even while driving by yourself. You’re already get used to the size and dimensions of the vehicle, but don’t forget to think about the terrain where you have to go through. The smallest mini vans are perfect for the city environment, especially when you have to deal with heavy road traffic even outside the peak hours. By contrast, a big heavy 4WD van is better for rough terrains like moving to a remote mountain house along the lakefront. For longer monotonous trips – a van with automatic transmission should be the better opt. In all cases, make sure to know in advance the exact amount and volume of your boxes and objects that you’re about to move. This helps you to pick the right volume of the van and so to arrange the objects in a much proper and safer way while loading. From big trucks, to family vans and bus hires – it’s easier to find the perfect van volume when you know the volume of your belongings in advance. The time of the year is another important hint to put high on the agenda. You don’t want a van without air conditioning if you plan a relocation to a distant place and the air temperature is highlighting 40 degrees Celsius. Other vans can be hired for a much longer time like weeks, months or even longer. http://manwithavanlondon.org.uk/removal-van/